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Arushala Ivorcoat

Trade Prince Arushala Ivorcoat

"He's so gracious, Trade Prince Arushala can still find the time to spend an afternoon feeding birds with my granny on the veranda, and still keep the Church running efficiently and strong."   -Resident of Mandas; City of Man-

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite his acclaimed age of 52, Arushala maintains the healthy looking body of a young adult through consistent excercise and dieting, he has a tall and slender frame accentuated by the formal appearance of his Trade Prince uniform.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Arushala Ivorcoat was born in the midst of the Arrborian Plague that decimated the populations of Lithos and Aristolia in 9469. His parents were always unknown to him, he had always found more than enough family in the Halcyon Day Orphanage situated within Hero's Hill Village. There he grew up with his closest friends Vallar Redheart and Vicarys Bloodheart.   Ivorcoat, like Redheart and Bloodheart, are last names given to orphaned children, a tradition passed down through Lithosian culture.


At the age of 18, Arushala took up work as a scribe for the Mage's Guild copying manuscripts for his employers in Arrbora. It was here that he read many of the ancient magic texts found in the ruins of the Kingdom of the First Men and began his fascination with the study of magic.   Arushala would go on to attend school at the various colleges of magic deep within the forests of Lithos. After several years he would rapidly outpace his peers and quickly earn the title of Archmage, having mastered all five schools of magic.


Around the age of 24, Arushala found well-paying employment within the Merchant's Guild as a scribe, officiating communications between merchant's while pursuing academic pursuits and exploring the world of Ardras, writing down his experiences and understanding the many different perspectives on the mechanics of magic.   During this time he penned several books recording his findings, explaining the correlations between the often percieved ancient and powerful magics of the Mein'ong and the distant grove centered nature magic of the Sages of Verrid.

Accomplishments & Achievements

By the age of 27, Arushala was a world-reknown hero, who worked hand in hand with his companions to serve the different peoples of newly forged empire of Aristolia, solving conflicts between rival factions and violent uprisings resulting from hundreds of years of strife prior to their birth.   By far Arushala's greatest accomplishments include:  
  • Defeat of Emperor Nefaros
  • Establishment of the Church of Helios
  • Establishment of The Helosguard
  • Founding of the capital city of Mandas
  • Restoring order and prosperity to the empire of Aristolia
  • The invention of magitek and the art of scribing metals with magic for industrious purposes
  • Mental Trauma

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    At the age of 27, Arushala ventured deep into the depths of the Meino'ng Jungle in search of the mystic sages who were said to preside over the ancient secrets of the light. Guided by Ithis, the ancient and secretive Essebu, he stole the secrets from within the archaic temples and was granted immortality in a traumatic event that stripped Arushala of his entire being, illuminating and enlightening him to the entire history of the world of Ardras, the source of all conflicts, and the knowledge of the ancient Essebu themselves.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Arushala is incredibly intelligent, rivaling that of even the wisest of old dragons and other demi-deities. Not even the sages of Lithos can agree upon the extent of his knowledge and prowess, yet he always maintains a gentle and assuring demeanor of a wise mentor.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Many consider Arushala to have a serene grace about him, almost otherworldly. To him, a man is only worth as much as what he can do for someone who can do nothing for them. He believes that everybody deserves a helping hand up and that those with wealth and influence are responsible for reaching that helping hand out. His philosophy is one of personal accountability, continuous growth, and prosperity for all who would follow him.   At his core, Arushala is a kind-hearted and intelligent man full of ambition and a driving desire to resolve the world's many problems. Even if he alone must do it.

    Personality Characteristics


    Arushala wants to make a perfect world where no one is unhappy.

    Vices & Personality flaws

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    Arushala's ambition is his own undoing, his noble goals towards world peace has come with it's prices. Early in his youth, Arushala was contacted by an Essebu that made itself known to him as Ithis, a feminine Essebu who imparted with him the secrets of magic and his great destiny.   In his personal life, Arushala struggles with the mountain of lies that he has had to tell entire nations to maintain the illusion of control mandated by the Essebu who keep the natural order of time and space operating from just beyond the veil. It was from the Essebu that Arushala recieved his many illustrious "gifts," and it is them who can take it all away from him.


    Arushala is incredibly hygenic, with a morning routine which includes cleaning off any imperfections. His clothing is neatly kept and is always impeccable, particularly for when addressing foreign diplomats or the clergy of the Church of Helios.


    Religious Views

    Arushala is a devout and adament follower of the Church of Helios, as well as an active participant in its functions. Do unto others as you would have done unto you is his personal motto.

    Wealth & Financial state

    Arushala has accumulated so much wealth that he now finds little interest in the mechanisms he perfected to orchestrate a steady stream of income to the Church of Helios. He utilizes the money he makes to adorn and perfect the city of Mandas, the capital of Aristolia, and his personal lifetime project.   Arushala maintains economic alliances with the other trade princes who run the other cities of Aristolia and their surrounding regions; this includes the establishment and settlement of trade routes, trading posts, ports, banks, public works, efficient guards along the main roads and many other responsibilities of running an empire.
    Lawful Neutral
    Current Location
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Archmage | Trade Prince | Savior of Scholarguard
    Biological Sex
    Short, Black, Well-kept
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    180 lbs.
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
  • Common
  • Arrisdrian
  • Old Arrisdrian
  • Meinong
  • Hadan
  • Oceos'lo'kaiian
  • Dawntongue
  • Vulkarn
  • Sandtongue
  • Oldtongue

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