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Lynae Sidero


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Sinhadi Ashr


Lynae Kella

/*Meifeng Najat*/

SideroShow spoiler
(a.k.a. Lyn, Show spoiler

I don't remember who I am or who I was. I don't know if the name I bear is even rightfully mine, but they say it is and I have no choice but to believe them. I remember only one piece of my past and I doubt even its accuracy. This place has its ways of changing you in every way, I have no doubt it could warp the only memories it hasn't stolen. I only wonder if I will live to see a day out of this place if I do, is there anyone who will remember me, who will be able to give me the truth?   They tell me my name is Lynae I have no choice but to trust them on that, though I trust them with nothing else, other than my eventual death, but somedays I can not even guarantee I am alive. One thing is for sure I am not living only surviving...but how much longer can I last?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and athletic but malnourished. Thin and wiry with hidden muscle. Very agile. Show spoiler

Ends up not malnourished body shape bulks up a bit but she's still thin with hidden muscle and very agile.

Body Features

Dark tan aka. a dark olive skin tone from working outside so often as well as due to her natural skin tone (which is naturally a warm tan) lots of scars from abuse within Alleviost and a few she doesn't know the origin for, birthmark on her left side

Facial Features

Oval face shape, medium sized straight nose, big green eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, dark thick arched eyebrows

Identifying Characteristics

Birthmark on the left side that takes up most of her left side wrapping from the front, about mid stomach, to the back, about mid back, starts at hips and ends at her diaphragm.

Physical quirks

Left-handed, often counts to 4 under her breath and it's always accompanied by tapping each of her fingers to her thumb one at a time, this finger tapping can and does stand alone but the counting is always paired with the finger tapping, tends to make her body seem as small as possible.

Special abilities

/*Psionic Manipulation with the potential for Psionic embodiment should she reach/breach true power hints of this are given through the fact that her power manifests as Primordial Light Manipulation but at the same time she's able to do things that shouldn't allow her to do, things based in psionics*/

Apparel & Accessories

Will wear literally anything unless she deems it too revealing, in other words, unless it doesn't cover her birthmark.

Specialized Equipment

Show spoiler

Eventually she receives customized armor, outfits, weapons, and disguises for use within the elite squadron

Mental characteristics

Personal history

All she remembers is a carriage ride to a prison, an ocean, the beach, and one face a young man with honey brown eyes, a large smile, messy and long black hair, and tan skin. She remembers nothing before that. After that, she remembers everything...   She has spent most of her life now in the prison known as Alleviost.


Nobody knows for sure but it is assumed the only education she got was the basic education she received in Alleviost from the other prisoners in various subjects that ranged from your classic education to where it's best to get stabbed so as to not die.


Again the validity of this is unclear but as far as anyone knows she has been unemployed her whole life other than the servitude and slave work she was forced to do in Alleviost Show spoiler

Later she becomes a soldier in an elite regiment in the Queen's army this is her first real job

Accomplishments & Achievements

Surviving in Alleviost

Failures & Embarrassments

Multiple cases of humiliation in front of her fellow prisoners facilitated by the guards. The punishment was often very visible.

Mental Trauma

Similar to the effects of amnesia she has no recollection of her past. Years of trauma in Alleviost have damaged her memory and the stress of Alleviost caused prioritization to occur and these memories were suppressed in order to help her survive in Alleviost. Doesn't trust anyone especially not figures of authority.

Intellectual Characteristics

Spatial, Linguistic, and Logical primarily very cunning and crafty quick on her feet

Morality & Philosophy

Don't die, don't let them see your fear, never reveal anything, trust no one, and most importantly never forget again.

Personality Characteristics


Just wants to know who she is and find the one face she remembers, survive Show spoiler

do her duty, get better with her powers, save her home and her people

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good at fighting, tragically bad at arithmetic, REALLY good at reading people, sucks at communication, straight up never knows what to say or do, social skills are the worst, Pretty much her only skills are killing and manipulating people

Likes & Dislikes

Likes the beach, the color blue, soft things, knives, and food any food.   Dislikes sand, the color yellow, any rough textures, whips, and salt.

Personality Quirks

Taps fingers to thumb, counts to four repeatedly under her breath, and bounces her leg when sitting.


Family Ties

None she knows of

Religious Views

Believes in the gods of her people.

Social Aptitude

Confident and brash

Wealth & Financial state

Dirt poor.

True Neutral [spoiler]Neutral Good[/spoiler]
Year of Birth
45 (22 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
She/Her, female
Long, curly, brown
Skin Tone
Dark tan
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I went looking for the devil; I went looking to make a deal; I found him waiting and now he owns my soul."
Aligned Organization

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