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Ardhaina is a vast world full of many countries, empires, and kingdoms. Each one different and unique and each one with a story to tell. There is the dazzling and powerful empire of Amaryllis known for its power and grace and the beauty of its capital. Everyone knows of the Glass Castle one of the wonders of the world and the home to the current royal family. The only thing in Amaryllis more famous than the glass castle was the district of Agia Moran, home to lords, ladies, nobility, and the wealthy. Legends of the land tell tales of ancient creatures planting emeralds in the ground to create fields so green and beautiful they glitter in the afternoon sun, ancient creatures pouring diamonds and sapphires into the cracks and imperfections of the land to create the bubbling and babbling streams and rivers that move merrily on their way, and finally of creatures who blessed the land for beauty and wealth so that now no weeds will ever grow and the earth will always be fertile and clean, disease tamed and a seeming figment of imagination. Losanthanos was known for its treacherous beauty and utter mystery. Known for danger and immense wealth and beauty a land said to be the home of gods and monsters alike. Erdellia was known for its scholars and its ability to utterly enchant all who came and lived there. These were the area known as the Central and Eastern continents. To the North lay Avadnei and Tezmai and to the South, there was the Seti Continent home to Dasdra and Wesjwadvan, the island nation of Quellen, and Karanis.   Ardhaina is a world brimming with magic and ancient stories and mysteries. Truths lost to legend, legends that became truths. It is a world of mystery and enchantment and beauty. Walk through the streets of Lagran and smell the spices and incense being sold at the Lagran Street Markets. Feel the mist and get lost in the intrigue of the Arell forest as you find yourself wondering what waits around every tree and bend. Listen to the soothing sounds of bands of musicians in Rastva square as the towering Avstarin palace looms overhead. Let your feet sink into the sand of Lilius beach. Swim in the sparkling blue lagoon of Asura Atoll. Greet the beginning of a new day with rainbows as the morning light filters in through the glass castle. Greet the many peoples of the world, many of them with magic flowing through their veins. Witness the majesty of creatures you've never seen before.   However, there is one nation that all forget, that all ignore. Known only now as the Lost Kingdom those who do speak of it speak only in whispers. They tell of a landmass of ash and ruins and an area so haunted by fallen soldiers that you can hear the echoes of their last battle and still hear them crying out for the royals who forsook them. Those who speak of it know only of land where nothing grows a land that sucks the life out of all who dare set foot upon it, too scarred by the past to ever forgive nor to forget. It has vanished from memory in only a few decades. In such a short time it disappeared into legends and mist. Now it's fate will determine the fate of the whole of Ardhaina as it's lost citizens return and attempt to save the world from the ever-increasing darkness that began only 20 years ago when the Lost Kingdom fell. Though none know nor are any aware of the truly tumultuous times that are soon to begin.