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Tarvas, 48th of Spring 1371

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Many years have passed since the human race had first arrived at the Isles. They were met with curiosity, prejudice, even aggression. They outlived the ancient civilization of elves, they did not break under the crude rules of the Dragon Lords. Even the invasion of eldritch beings from deep below was not able to stop them. They survived it all.   The human civilization is now stronger than ever, second probably only to the underground nation of dwarves. And yet, even in their glory they refuse to unite and gather their strengths, fighting countless wars between themselves, forming pointless alliances and dying in tens of thousands, just to prove a point.   The numerous conflicts between the human nations have shaped the world of today. On the west of the Isles rises the mighty and elegant Empire of Theon, built on the corpse of what once was an elven empire of Ancanûn. On the south, they share a border with Corus - a nation of merchants and knights, that after a great arcane explosion that has shattered their lands and shaped them into an archipelago, had turned to necromancy to make up for the lack of manpower. In the north located are the isles of Agon - the lands of ash and volcanoes, who had suffered plenty from the cruel rules of the draconic lords. South from there and east of Corus, lie the plains of Edria - the free and lawless lands, inhabited by bandits, mercenaries and all sorts of outlaws. Finally, in the far east, the island of Sathar, home to both the native Felar and humans of the nation of the very same name, lies, free from the troubles of the western civilizations.   The world has just calmed, after a bloody war between the nations. The Empire of Theon had recently discovered a rich vein of Essence - a rare and precious substance serving as fuel and enchantment focus - placed near the capital, which had led to rapid developments in the fields of magic and technology.   Humanity is about to enter a new age. And the world will have to follow.