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Ritualists Guild of Bahamut

The Ritualists Guild of Bahamut is the Drakani guild concerned with the proper observance of rites and ceremonies honoring Bahamut and his celestial court. They also mark seasonal, cultural, and regional festivals, and maintain the temples and shrines to Bahamut and other Draconic deities and powers throughout Draka.


One begins in the ritualist order as an acolyte, training under an experienced ritualist to master the forms and ceremonies of the order. After a training period than can last up to several years, the ritualist then is accepted as fellow of the guild. If the fellow continues to advance they become senior fellows, then finally masters. The guildmaster is chosen by the masters of the guild from among their number. 
Just over half the guild have no magical ability, but are more than capable to perform and train others in the rituals of the guild. Of the half that do have magical abilty, the vast majority are capable of only minor magic, but about 20% of the order are capable of more extensive magical works. About half of those go on to develop the deep communion with the divine that is required for higher magical abilities. Advancement in the guild is not based on magical ability, but rather on mastery of the mechanical and meditative techniques of the guild.

Mythology & Lore

There are three principal myths important to the guild, all centering around the actions of Bahamut. The Saga of the Emergence tells how the Celestial Dragons, led by Io, went to a cave forgotten by time at the end of the last world, to emerge and bring time to the new world, and how the races of dragonkind came to be in the world. The second, the Saga of the Paladine details the great conflict between order and chaos as exemplified by the conflict between Bahamut, the Paladin Dragon, and the Chaos Mother, Tiamat, and the banishment of Tiamat to the realms of Chaos. The third, the Saga of the Lawgiver, details how Bahamut brought the principles of order to the draconic folk, and to all who would follow the way of law.

Tenets of Faith

The natural universe is a balance of Chaos and Order, but Order understands this better than Chaos.  The law is for all, and the law should be just. Just laws should be obeyed.  Even when no one else watches, one should act as though the Paladin looks on.  Do good and be kind, and understand that the greatest kindness can sometimes be a firm hand. Follow the forms, and the mind and the spirit will follow.


Bahamut does not seek worship, but rather seeks those who follow the tenets of order and compassion, and encourages those who seek to perfect those traits. To those who exemplify his teachings. Bahamut grants gifts meant to further the cause of order in the world though those exemplars.
This is not to say that the the Ritualists guild does not hold religious services, however. The guild holds both seasonal and life passage rites, as well as rites to bless things as diverse as a birth, a new building, or even the catch of incoming fishing boats. Many of the rites are participatory in some way, particularly the seasonal festivals, but other rites are simply observed in silence as the the ritualist does their work.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Ritualists Guild is one of many guilds on the island of Draka whose membership crosses clan and society lines, providing both necessary lines of communication between the clans, and a source of counsel outside of the purely clan oriented structures and interests. The Legates Guild frequently consults with the Ritualists on matters of customary and common law, as the the Ritualists are considered to fair arbiters of "the way things have always been done". The Ritualists sometimes find themselves at odd with more progressive elements of society, especially the tinkerers and artificers of the relatively new Mechanists Guild.
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