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Pikehead is a predominately human fishing village a days ride from Seawall on the west coast of Draka.


Human 621
Drakan 36
Gnome 29
Tuathahan 28
Aquani 7


The village council is made up 30 members, each representing a clan or guild in the village. The town elects the mayor every five years from the members of the council. The current Mayor is Smith Ferris.


The docks are the lifeblood of the town, as most of the wealth of the village comes in from seafood, which is salted from salt flats near the village and sent to Seawall and other towns for consumption. The town does host a full shipyard capable of making small fishing boats and other small sea vessels. There are three taverns serving locals and travelers, as well as a full service inn, The Sandcoin operated by Sander Lorena.

Guilds and Factions

The Fisher's Guild and the shipbuilder's guild are the two most influential guilds in the town, followed by the Ritualists Guild of Bahamut.
Founding Date
2148 DY
Owning Organization

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