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Tsarin Gha, the Blue Tower

Where Peace is Spoken

I come to you with open hands and open heart. My tongue speaks simple and true. There will be no blood in Tsarin Gha.
— Oath spoken upon entering Tsarin Gha

Tsarin Gha, also known as the Blue Tower, is the central building of Tch'rataq, the City of Stars, where designated members of all Uluswa tribes meet to discuss in peace of their common troubles.

Ruined Tower

Tsarin Gha, much like the rest of Tch'rataq, is a ruin compared to its former glory. The city predates the establishment of Uluswa societies. They claim it is the ancient home of the Glorious, the first people to ascend to the stars. The tower itself is made of white stone, and rises about 20 meters high. It is constituted of 4 floors conntected by winding stairs, with an observatory at the very top. Every inch of the walls and ceilings are painted in a deep blue, covered with yellow stars. The paintings are maintained and restored yearly, as part of a ceremony concluding discussions between the clans.

Councils of Peace

Every year, on the first full moon of spring, all Uluswa tribes send delegations to meet in Tsarin Gha. In most tribes, those sent in the delegations are chosen after a long process involving games and tests, to see who is most fit to represent the tribe. The few warrior tribes that exist will send their chiefs and leaders, accompanied with their best warriors- these delegations will be the first to arrive, and the first to leave.

Putting feuds aside: in warrior tribes, the leader is often the one who has killed most people in battle during raids. Delegations of non-warrior tribes often have at least one (if not more) tribekin who were killed by the leader of a warrior tribe. The Oath exists to prevent blood feuds and conflict from entering Tsarin Gha.

The discussions which take place within the Blue Tower range over a variety of subjects. Commerce with the Danatelians, how the weather and lands changed, how many were born and died, if any sickness is currently afflicting a tribe's goats or horses, if a tribe has enterred into a feud with another- these are just some of the things that may be discussed. The gathering also provides a place for conflict resolution, as delegations not affected by fights may be asked to way in on a situation, and try and resolve tensions.

Sulakin, you know that I respect you. But having heard both tribes speak, I cannot let my tongue be still- the Kanta are in the wrong. I say, give them a herd of your goats, which belongs to the offending clan. Then the feud will be settled.
— Judgement of the Boki chief
Location: Tch'rataq, the City of Stars
Size: About 8 km square
State: Ruined
Associated People: Uluswa
Original Inhabitants: Unknown

Sacred Grounds

As long as Käban traditions can recall, violence has been forbidden on the grounds of the tower. Not a weapon is to be raised, not a threat is to be spoken. Disrespecting these rules when one is chosen to speak for their tribe would be to shame their people, and any who violates the sancity of the tower will be banished to the unforgiving deserts of the Lands of the Wind.

In all of known history, there are only a few occasions upon which the rules were broken. Twice weapons were raised to threaten or express anger, with no blood shed, twice they were raised to defend oneself, and only once was blood spilled in the halls of stars. The murder is remembered by all with shame, and the pool of blood which stained the floor was never cleaned.


During the several days in which the Councils of Peace are held, the delegations set out camp throughout Tch'rataq. After a day of discussion, to make away with the tensions and to relax, tribes will compete in a varieties of games and friendly competitions.

Here are a few examples of games and challenges that are often played: wrestling, races (on foot or on horse), various marksmanship challenges (still target, moving target, shooting from a horse), team sports.

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Cover image: Ceiling of Nefertari's Tomb


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