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Temple of a Million Years

Jewel of the Danatelian Lands

The Temple of the Million Years is one of the oldest Danatelian buildings. It sits beyond the rolling hills of the Danatelian countryside, shimmering like a jewel in the distant horizon, its outer walls and columns covered in Atranium Red.

Inside, the halls twist around like snakes in a complex geometrical pattern, and one could lose themselves too easily without guidance. Nuzzled between two hallways one might notice the odd garden, with their pools of fresh water and fruit trees with benevolent shadows. The air echoes with the sound of crickets and the melody of distant prayers, and one cannot keep themselves from feeling humbled by the place.

Everywhere one lays their eyes is a beautifully crafted marvel, from the geometrically painted and carved ceilings, to the multitude of statues and murals depicting the Saohri gods and their epics. The floors are decorated with painted ceramic tiles, red, white and silver with delicate plants and patterns painted on their surface.

Contruction and Architecture

The temple was built over the span of two decades, during the reign of Ibin Nassam, third king of the Danatelian Lands. Legend says Deïmon the Bright herself, patron of artisans and crafters, put the plans of the temple in the heart of the royal architect.

Construction will soon be finished, my king. You will be the first to walk its halls, and to recite the prayers of purification. The gods will undoubtebly fill your life with riches and blessings as thanks for what you have built for them. Praised be the gods!
— Royal Architect to Ibin Nassam

The large complex is built on the basic shape of a heptagram, and the form repeats in echoes through the entire temple. Each of the Suhbiate has a shrine dedicated to them within the temple, where offerings and prayers are made to them daily.

Wealth and luxury bleed from every nook and crany of the temple: silver dust covers the finger tips of statues of Kirïal the Silent, and deep blue gems are used to pain the sky of Seûln the Mother's shrine. It is a marvel to behold, and a testament to the power of the gods and their Temple.
Founding Date: -601 I.A, during the Age of Kings

Other Names: Maebad Malayin Alsinin, the Jewel of the Lands, the Red Temple

Location: The Temple of a Million Years is located atop a hill, a day and a half travel away from Ignar.

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Cover image: by Mostafa Meraji


Author's Notes

This one is quite short, despite the importance of the temple. However I'm not really looking to expand on it too much at the moment, we'll see when it becomes relevant to my campaign!

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27 Jul, 2020 07:08

When I read that the walls were covered in Atranium red, my mouth literally dropped open, haha. This sounds so beautiful and amazing.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
27 Jul, 2020 08:38

The Temple is filthy rich, what can I say! Thank you for the kind words :))

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15 Jun, 2021 22:06

Are you going through and polishing old Summer Camp articles too? :D

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I am! Tbf I'm mostly rewriting the ones I like, and deleting the ones I don't :')

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16 Jun, 2021 21:10

And it is!!! But its also gorgeous ^^

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1 Jul, 2021 19:36

This building sounds stunning, a perfect place to worship if granted the opportunity.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
1 Jul, 2021 20:50

Thank you for the kind words <3 !

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