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Serulian Honey

The Sweetest of Delicacies

Oh my friend, you simply must try my pastries, they are the best on this market! Want to know my secret? They are made with Serulian honey..
— Bazaar Merchant

Serulian honey is one of the most coveted delicacies in all of the Danatelian Lands. It is the food of the rich and powerful, its flavours layered and sweet like the kiss of a lover. The secret of its fabrication is well kept, and the only hope one has of ever tasting without spending a fortune is to gain the friendship of a Serulian.

Liquid Gold

For the Danatelians, Serulian Honey is worth every penny merchants sell it for. It is an luxury, reserved for the elite. And as all things rare and priceless, countless imitations can be found on markets and bazaars. However, only those who have never tasted true Serulian honey will be fooled by these pale imitations.

The honey is used in a wide array of recipe, for those who can afford it. Buttery honey-lemon cakes, lavender buscuits with a tinge of sugar, slow cooked sheep with herbs and its rich sauce, the possibilities are as endless as the cook's imagination. Serulian honey simply betters any food it is paired with.


The Serulians are an ellsuive people who live in the Altas forest, at the heart of the Danatelian Lands. They are mostly known for their tendency to avoid outsiders, and the delicious honey they trade with a few selected merchants.
by unknown artist

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Religious Uses

Serulian Symbol
However, among the Serulians honey hold a very different place in society. The culture and harvesting of the honey play a major role in the Serulian mysteries, as they symbolise the perfect union of the natural world. Through a delicate work of communion with their bees, the Serulians manage to create some of the most exquisite and flavourful honey. Upon completion, it is divided into different categories of quality.

My boy, listen close. The honey is not simply the most delicate of foods- it is the very sun itself, fallen to earth to commune with its children. To eat honey is to partake in creation, to become one with our Father who has birthed us all.
— Serulian Earthling

The best quality honey is kept by the Serulians in order for them to create the matterials required for their tattoos. The second highest quality honey is used in a variety of rites, such as purification rituals in which the honey is burned, to celebrations of certain event in which the honey is delicately put on the eyelids and lips. The third quality honey is simply eaten by Serulians, and whatever remains in excess will be sold to the Danatelians.

Cover image: by Slashio Photography


Author's Notes

I wish I remembered how to make short articles when summercamp was still around. Oh well! Hope you enjoyed it :D

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
17 Aug, 2021 20:25

Oooo I love honey. I wonder what they do to make it so taste so good. I love how you delve into the religious context. I think that second quote is fantastic in showing how important it is. Well done.

18 Aug, 2021 09:46

Thank you for the kind words <3 ! Religion really is my go to theme to develop anything ^^

Creator of Arda Almayed
29 Aug, 2021 18:50

I feel as though the merchant in the top quote is lying. Scandal.   I love the religious meaning behind Serulian honey. Your religious stuff always makes me so happy.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
29 Aug, 2021 19:57

Could very well be! Though whoever can tell is either insanely lucky, or filthy rich. And oh :'0 that means a lot, thank you so much!!

Creator of Arda Almayed
20 Oct, 2021 13:27

Congrats on the featured article! As always, a lovely nugget of world-building here!

Summer Camp is here and I'm so excited! It's my favorite World Anvil event of the year! Keep up to date with my progress on my personal Summer Camp page!

20 Oct, 2021 15:32

Ay thank you for the kind words kito <3 glad you liked it!

Creator of Arda Almayed
20 Oct, 2021 15:13

This is a neat take on Honey and its meanings in a culture. it certainly made me think about honey's role in Gaia. The Serulian Quote really stands out on it's importance. Very well done indeed!

20 Oct, 2021 15:33

Thank you very much! Honey is one of the foods I'm most fascinated by, so I'm glad I was able to inspire through my own reflections about it :)

Creator of Arda Almayed
20 Oct, 2021 21:58

mmm those puff pastries look so tastey! Wish I could reach into the computer and eat them

21 Oct, 2021 20:18

same here ^^

Creator of Arda Almayed