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Omalon Wood

Magical, Living Wood

The creaking of wood echoes through the forest, moving closer by the instance. Birds and animals flee from the gigantic palace as it slowly but surely moves its hundreds of wooden legs, a chaotic swarm of roots and timber bending and cracking itself forward. On balcony high above, the Lord of Smiles gazes upon his dominion from his Omalon abode.

Magical Trees

Omalon is type of magical wood found in the Echo Woods, best known for its capacity to shift and move following the will of whoever it is bonded with. Buildings made from it can shift in shape, remodelling themselves to suit the mood of their owner, or even move themselves across the woods like travelling castles.

Omalon is incredibly rare and costly. It is grown and harvested exclusively by Nostrada, the Witch of the Dark Grove, and she asks a high price from whoever seeks her wood.

If you wish to acquire Omalon, the price will not be paid in silver, or gold. No, it is a favour you will owe me... yes, you shall do what I ask of you.
— Nostrada

The hag accepts favours only from those who she deems powerful enough to suit her needs- as such, obtaining some wood from her speaks not only of one's courage, but also of one's strength and means.

Homes of the Elite

Omalon wood is used exclusively by the most wealthy and powerful members of the Court of Masks. They are the only ones with enough influence to even interest Nostrada, making Omalon a prized and exclusive material to have. Some Archfey will not hesitate to flaunt their moving castles, parading through the Echo Woods.

Some rumours have it, that a mortal, not native to the Echo Woods, managed to obtain some Omalon Wood from Nostrada. What he traded for it is unknown, and nobody knows where they left with their prize.
Type: Wood
Price: A favour, owed to Nostrada the Hag
Species: Omalon trees

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Cover image: by Claude Monnet


Author's Notes

Another article down for the prompts, yahoo! Hope you're all doing good and having a nice time :)

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8 Jan, 2021 02:35

Reminds me of the Baba Yaga's house! I do, however, suspect that the Archfey are much too classy for their homes to have the legs and feet of a chicken while on the move! =D

8 Jan, 2021 10:46

Thats what I was thinking of when I was writing this! Yeah their houses have more of a "fancy Howl's moving castle" vibe to them, no chicken legs in sight :(

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!
8 Jan, 2021 15:37

The chickens probably appreciate that, as do the road pavers. Imagine having to constantly fill in giant chicken-prints in the roads....

12 Jan, 2021 12:36

This is a really cool idea - I love the idea of buildings made out of this being able to shift with the owners' moods. However, not sure I want to owe a favour...   I'm intrigued by the Lord of Smiles now, though. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
12 Jan, 2021 17:28

Favours are tricky, you never know the actual price you'll end up paying ^^   I might write about this lord of smiles some day, if my party ever goes around the Echo Woods (which they should at some point ^^)

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!