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Circle of Anvalose

Lovers of the Stars

Nestled between the nooks and cranes of Mount Crown, the Druids of Anvalose live a peaceful life of contemplation. They live in tight-knit communities of people drawn together by their love of the stars. They live off of the food they hunt and forage during the day, whilst they gather together at night to share their love of the night sky.

Anvalosian Culture

Whilst they share strong allegiances to their fellow circle members, the Anvalose have a culture oriented towards individual survival. Members are left to their own devises for the most part, free to roam the mountains and forests as they please. But as soon as the night sky is clear and the stars shine bright, they will gather together to observe and map the night sky.

The Anvalosian are a very diverse cultural group, gathering people of all ancestries. Through the years and due to their proximity with the Danatelian Lands, they have adopted Danatelian as their primary language. But there is a rich cultural background due to the diverse origins of the circle members. However, due to the solitary nature of the Circle's philosophy, cultural traditions tend to be quickly left behind so that Circle Members may exclusively focus on their love of the stars.

Basic Structures

Living places are organised in small dens, often beneath the open sky. These could be set up in a variety of places- old ruins, welcoming clearings, or set up in trees like bird nests. Anvalosians will spend their days tending to their own affairs, but will come together at nights to watch the sky.

It is rare for children to be born within the Circle, but when it does happen the charge is left entirely to their parents. Their individualist attitude makes no exceptions, but help will never be denied if it is asked. Most members of the Circle join as adults, often leaving their old lives behind them for a more peaceful way of living.

The Anvalosians have no power structure within the Circle. Seniority is respected, but not blindly, and any crimes are punished by banishing the offending party from the Circle. They do not follow the laws or rules of the Danatelian Cities, have no leader, and are pretty much anarchists.

Walls of Stars

Anvalosians have no written history. As a matter of fact, they have no written language either, relying exclusively on spoken (or signed) words. They have developed their own druidic code, a set of symbols meant to be left throughout the mountains to leave information for other members of the Circle.

However, the most important and interesting part of Anvalosian culture are probably their famed Walls of Stars. Spread across the mountains, these wide facades are carved into the mountains. Flanks are first flattened to allow druids to map the night sky, inscribing the locations of stars at different times of the year and tracking their journey through space.

There are hundreds of them spread through the Thunder Chains, and each Anvalosian must know the location of each of them if they wish to become a member of the Circle. The biggest of them is tens of meters long, and about half as much in height. It shows the most important constellations and spatial objects of the night sky.


The Anvalosian have been present in the Thunder Chains for several hundreds of year. Their spoken history has it that they were founded by a group of sylvan elves, who had left the Echo Woods for the mountains so that they could better love the night sky. Word slowly spread of their presence in the mountains, and their free spirited way of life attracted quite a few people.

Members of the Circle of Anvalose quickly established themselves as lead researchers in astronomy, often working with writers to publish their discoveries or communicating with fellow researchers established in cities. A trade between Anvalosians and the Sisterhood of the Stars quickly established itself: the Sisterhood would bring equipment to observe the stars to the Circle, and in exchange they were to share any and all discoveries with them.

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Author's Notes

Hey everyone! Back with another article, its been a hot second. This one is a background for one of my player's character, a Circle of Stars Druids.

As always, I hope you enjoyed the read! Please feel free to leave some likes or comments, they feed my soul :)

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