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Badjan Language

A collection of idioms used by the inhabitants of Bajou.

History of the Language

The Principality of Bajou speaks majorly in Badjan, a mixture between the Danatelian language and Bajou. Because Bajou had no written form, they borrowed the Danatelian script to construct their own language, adding a few extra symbols to account for sounds specific to Badjan.

During the colonisation of the isles of Bajou by the Danatelians, the Badjan language slowly started taking in Danatelian words and idioms. Following the Revolution of Da'Gan, the country isolated itself, and cut from the outside world Bajou and Danatelian morphed into something new. The two languages became one, giving birth to Badjan.

Common Idioms

Since the Principality of Bajou opened contact once more, some dedicated linguistics have made it their job to observe how Bajou evolved from Danatelian. The following idioms have been translated in Danatelian literally, and are extracted from the Sailor's Guide to Badjan Idioms

Sentence Meaning
"I see someone forgot to take the crabs out their shoes eh!" That someone is tired. It is a common tradition in Bajou to put crabs in one's shoes at night, to chase away evil spirits.
"They didn't go at it with the back of their dead hand." Used to describe someone who tried very hard to do something, putting a lot of effort into it.
"Some days are better off as nights." Today sucks. Can be used to refer to general mood, weather, or overall lameness of a day.
"You're gonna make the fish grow wings!" Used to describe bad smell / accoutrement. The original context is a joke on the fact that if one were to go wash in a river, the fish would grow wings to escape the stench.
"They're a jackal, that one." To be a cunning and sly in their affairs, intended as a compliment on one's skills. While jackals aren't native to the Principality, the game of Hounds and Jackals has made them a popular animal.
"Argan's blessings, may lightning strike your foes!" A traditional greeting in the Principality of Bajou.
"I wouldn't hand them an egg, thats for sure..." Used to say of someone they are clumsy, or untrustworthy.
"Heard them talking with crows." Refers to the fact that one might be a Seer of the Leaves.
They were isolated for a long time. Once a Danatelian colony, they rebelled, led by a self proclaimed prince, and cut relationships with any outsiders. Any approaching boat was met with slews of arrows. But they opened their doors once more. These Bajou are strange folk, thats for sure- while we speak the same language, rarely do our words mean the same thing.
— Extract from "History of the Bajou Isle"
Spoken in: Principality of Bajou
by Annie Spratt

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Cover image: by Alfons Morales


Author's Notes

Back with another article! This is a short one, gonna try go through all the prompts before the end of January (though I'm not making any promises because of exams and all).

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6 Jan, 2021 20:41

Those idioms were really interesting, and actually made a lot of sense. I also liked the progression of how this language came about.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
6 Jan, 2021 21:22

Thank you Avalon! This was a hard exercise for me, but I'm glad you enjoyed the results :)

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!
6 Jan, 2021 21:49

I think this one has to be my favorite!  

"They're a jackal, that one."

7 Jan, 2021 10:56

Glad to hear that! I'm looking forward to writing about the game its based on :)

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!
7 Jan, 2021 03:56

"Some days are better off as nights."
  I love that so much, I might just have to start using it in my daily life. These are all so clever, and the factoid about putting crabs in your shoes was delightful. Well done!

7 Jan, 2021 10:57

Thank you Maybe! Thats a huge compliment :'0 and I'm glad you liked the little crab fun fact haha <3

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!
8 Jan, 2021 01:09

'Some days are better off as nights.' That's for sure.   I love the unique-ness of your idioms - you've thought about them so well. I also really love the inclusion of the history of the language and how it came about. :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Jan, 2021 10:45

Thank you Emy! Glad you enjoyed the idoms and the history tid-bits :D

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