Arcology Age

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What is the Arcology Age?   Cyberpunk, with corporations based off bronze age Mediterranean City states, and appropriate specialties and cultures. It has a bit of 80's thrown in with mohawks, synthwave and mirrorshades. There is some low level psychic powers, and almost all of it is in the telepath/empath/precog vein. This is the future and somewhat the past of the swords and sworcery world I write. Early on the rumors that more than one Corporation is actually run by an AI, and not a CEO abounded. Meanwhile, wherever Lighttrip, the most popular new drug goes, chaos and destruction is in it's wake even if the drug itself is pretty harmless. Or so it seems.   Society is strictly stratified into Class A, B, and C citizens. Class A, Arcology Citizens live sheltered lives in tower complexes the size of cities and never have to leave work to do anything they want. Class B, Block Citizens are the bulk of humanity. They survive for the Corporation they swore fealty too, and in return are satisfied just enough to never rebel or progress. Class C Citizens have been written off, and must fend for themselves.   There is a good reason for these C People however, as they are great pawns for the cold war between corporations. They certainly could never be a threat, even if they all banded together. Or could they?