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  Are you ready for new character races, classes, a vast new game world five years in the making with lore, history and its own series of novels? Are you ready for new magic mechanics that give you the power to create the spells you’ve always dreamed of?   Great. You’re in the right place, because in 2020 World Anvil will be the home of Arclands, the new 5th edition campaign world that will give players new choices and possibilities in magic creation and spell casting.  
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Our World

  The world of Hermia is the setting for the Arclands 5th Edition game. Three centuries ago, magic entered the world for the first time when the Keeper, The one god who ordered reality, fragmented and died.   The cataclysmic events, known only as the Sundering, split open reality and saw terrifying entities from the four other known dimensions (Damnation, Celestium, The Grey Kingdom and the Red Waste) stealthily infiltrate Hermia, searching for magical power to seize.   Magic energy flowed through the earth and through the people of Hermia and its central continent Aestis, resulting in women and men born with an energy deep within them.   This power, known as Fate, sets its bearers apart from normal mortals and gives them the power to craft magical energy into spells.   Each hero touched by Fate must find concentrations of magical power called Spellforges, where they can draw the weave together into spells.   In the Arclands world your heroes are those rare individuals with magic in their blood, renegades and wanderers at the dawn of a new magic era in the world.  
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Our Kickstarter

    In May 2020, we will be publishing the Arclands Player’s Companion compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and we’re including all new character races, classes, over 100 pages of lore and locations on our original world setting, phenomenal art, new mechanics and more. Here are our four base character classes, each of which can be enhanced with one of three magical add ons:   Classes   Knight: Battle hardened heroes with duty and honour in their blood.   Dragoon: Warriors born in the saddle, each with a mystical connection to their mount.   Corsair: Masters of the waves, lords of the taverns.   Marauder: Part outlaw, part folk hero, at home in the streets or the wilderness.   Caster Variants   Tomebearer: Owner of a Grimoire that lets them edit prepared spells on the fly.   Vowbinder: Pawn of dark powers, with a familiar to feed.   Weavewalker: Spell creators who can draw from the very magical fibre of the weave itself.   We’ve also created five new magical races for you to play:   Races   Chorale: Secret psychic mutants living in hidden covens, connected by a hive mind.   Half Fey: Lost souls, wandering tricksters with chance and chaos in their blood.   Half Firg: The half human offspring of giant craftsmen.   Jaraki: Amphibian hunters from the depths of the jungles and swamps.   Humans: Like you and me but heroic.   The success of Arclands is based on our Kickstarter and we need role play gamers near and far to fund us and make this project a reality. Funders will find a place at the heart of the Arclands community and help us shape the epic story that we’re building together.   To help fund the Arclands Kickstarter click here .  
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12 Nov, 2019 19:25

I can't wait, this sounds great!

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Sage Verse_Online
Verse Studios
20 Nov, 2019 23:33

Hi Graylion, apologies for the late response. We’re going live with the Kickstarter tomorrow so really looking forward to welcoming you to the Arclands world soon.

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