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The ‘other’ technological Mainstay World. It should not be defined in how it differs from other worlds that might at a cursory level be similar. Arcithia is its own special place.   Through the skills of its large and inventive population of engineering class individuals, the world can claim some of the most impressive technological achievements anywhere in the universe. These creations cause amazement not only in people’s of less technological places. Even the most futuristic and advanced societies can’t quite come to terms with some of Arcithia’s mechanistic inventions. That they rival these futuristic peoples while eschewing many of the most current technologies is proof of their extreme branch of engineering Vapour Sciences.   A single large landmass brings even the most far flung parts of the continent in beer the control of the Illustrious Magnate. His government — comprised of the Velvet and Brass Houses — rule with ultimate authority. In the hinterlands, the population is unruly and prone to periodic uprisings. Nothing the central government is too worried about as it’s good for troop morale to have something to do.

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