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Pink Diamond Addiction

Kierolite, known colloquially as pink diamond, is a mineral mined in the Ayrith Desert for its beneficial properties. Unfortunately, those who mine it are at risk of developing an addiction to the substance as they breathe in its dust while extracting it. It's quite a brittle mineral and bits break off or crumble to dust relatively easily. Those who handle it must wear gloves and masks to protect from inhalation/absorbtion.   Over the years people have been mining it, miners were known to lose their minds after being exposed to the substance. They would be so desperate for more that they'd run into the mine and start scratching at the walls trying to find more pink diamond to satisfy their craving. Miners described their friends with pink eyes and damaged fingernails dripping with blood after being damaged in their scrabbling. They'd also snarl at our fight anyone who tried to interfere. Once they found some they'd scratch at it for a while until they completely relaxed and sunk to the floor in an oblivious haze.

Transmission & Vectors

Pink diamond can be ground into a fine powder and can be inhaled or mixed with liquid and imbibed for the strongest effects. It can also be absorbed through the skin which takes longer and is slightly less effective.


Pink eyes, broken nails, crazed before then oblivious after. Pupils dilate and body completely relaxes. Floppy and immobile.


They must be kept from the substance for at least a week and drink plenty of fluids. They also have saunas and detox tisanes. At the end of the week there's a ritual with a bonfire, some herbs and a special tisane.


If left untreated people can die as they end up in a cycle of under the substance or looking for the substance and forget all other needs.

Affected Groups

Miners are the main group affected by this condition. Although occasionally in transporting or selling/using this substance contact and addiction can occur.

Hosts & Carriers

Some cave dwelling creatures can get it on their fur and pass it on in this manner. Those whose animals wander off into a cave or mine can also bring it back to their owner on the fur/skin/feathers. They seem to be less affected, just slightly more sedate than usual.


To prevent this, often miners wear full body covering clothing including a hat and bandana to cover their face and gloves to cover their hands. Most mining companies require this of their miners and if they don't they could get in trouble with the town authorities.

Cultural Reception

Those who see the afflicted can perceive them as monstrous as they turn a bit feral. But for the most part they are perceived as unlucky as it's usually through no fault of their own but it's a result of their working situation.
Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired

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