Orcish Marriage

Orcish Stronghold marriages under the Code of Grommash are always between a male and a female, as the capability of procreation is very important for the survival and strength of the community under the rule of the chiefs.   Orcs who live in the cities with other races are likely to face prejudice. As most half-orcs have been created during the raids against other races and raping of their women.


In strongholds, the only male allowed to be married and to father children is the chief of the clan, a title gained and lost through challenge and combat. He will marry an unlimited number of women, who become his hearth-wives, forge-wives, hunt-wives, and shield-wives.   Hearth-wives are the ones who will most commonly sleep with her chief and take care of household business; forge-wives are very appreciated among her strongholds, as they master the fires of the forges; hunt-wives are more common in isolated strongholds, where hunting is more important to the economy of her clan; and shield-wives are known to be fighters and accompany her chiefs in battle. Traditionally, the title of chief can only be achieved by male Orcs, but in certain exceptional circumstances a female Orc may rule her clan.


There exists a certain Orcish traditional engagement ritual.   First, the suitor must smell of battle and of his enemy's blood. An Orc chief often fight a powerful foe before wooing a wife. Then he must give the best cheese and spiced ale to the maiden as a present, which are thought to have aphrodisiac properties. Finally, the wooer should recite a love poem, typically with war, blood or revenge background, but at the same time, flattering. Once performed, the maiden can or not accept the proposal.


The male sons of the clan will not be able to marry until they become chiefs of their own clan. Those unable to defeat their own fathers are destined to lonely duty to their clans or exile. The chieftain is replaced by whichever member of the clan grows strong enough to challenge, and usually kill, him.   When a chief passes away, the mother of the next chief (and widow of the previous one) becomes "mother" of the stronghold (or kingdom, in some cases). The name combinations are the same: Hearth-Mother, Forge-Mother, Hunt-Mother or Shield-Mother.   The female daughters of the clan will often be betrothed to other chiefs to strengthen the relationship between allied clans or to forge new alliances. These arranged marriages are most valued. Orc women may want to escape being "just another wife" to the chieftain. They leave to see the world or otherwise seek their fortune; some eventually return to the strongholds, but many do not.


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