Norse Pantheon

The Pantheon of the Nordhanian people is most common on the continent Norheim, but also in other lands around the Mountains of Khazahk and on The Icelands.


In times long passed, the Aesir, a young group of gods, rose up within the Norse Pantheon, a development which was seen with great disfavor from the Vanir, the older and well established group of gods within the Pantheon. This lead to a great battle between the Aesir and the Vanir, from which the Aesir finally emerged victorious. From this day on the Aesir and especially Wôtan ruled over Valhalla.   The Vanir still stay in Valhalla as well, but they have lost much of their influence there.

Mythology & Lore

The gods of the Norse Pantheon often symbolize values like Strength and Honor or serve as faces for the most common challenges the Northlanders have to face in their lives.   They are split into two major groups, the Aesir and the Vanir. The Vanir are the older group of gods, while the Aesir are more numerous and have gathered larger followings in recent times.   Most followers of the Pantheon, while leaning more towards one group or the other, generally worship both groups of gods, but they only ever accept Tyr or Wôtan as the true leader of the Pantheon, never both.


The Aesir are the younger, but more popular group of gods withing the norse pantheon. They often represent values like strength, war and fate. The are led by Wôtan, the Runefather.
Deity Role / Title Alignment Domains
Wôtan The Runefather Lawful Neutral Knowledge, War
Balthror The Thunder Lord Chaotic Neutral Tempest, War
Carissa The Crimson Maiden Chaotic Neutral Blood, Lust
Cyriia The Queen of Valkyries Lawful Neutral Tempest, War
Hela The Half-Dead Chaotic Neutral Darkness, Death
Heymdhal The Stalward Defender Lawful Neutral Order, Protection
Idunn The Life Gardener Neutral Good Life, Nature
Loken The Trickster Chaotic Evil Speed, Trickery
Morrigan The Phantom Queen Chaotic Neutral Blood, Death, War
Najetus The Sailor Chaotic Neutral Ocean, Travel
Ninala Maiden of Revelries Chaotic Good Alcohol, Lust
Nyx The Nightmother Neutral Evil Arcana, Darkness
The Red Valkyrie The Red Valkyrie Lawful Neutral Protection, War
Skadi The Sword Maiden Lawful Good Hunting, Retribution
Svarog The Smithmaster Neutral Forge, Justice
Valeesha The Forbidden Pleasure Chaotic Evil Chaos, Lust


The Aesir are the older group of gods withing the norse pantheon. They often represent values like magic, fertility and nature. The are led by Tyr, the Allfather.
Deity Role / Title Alignment Domains
Tyr The Allfather Lawful Good Justice, War
Aegyr The Drunken Giant Chaotic Neutral Alcohol, Ocean
Bel'sah The Original Witch Neutral Arcana, Prophecy
Boreas The Arctic Wind Chaotic Evil Tempest, Winter
Chauntera The Wildmother Neutral Nature, Life
Freyra The Fair Maiden Chaotic Good Beauty, Life
Habard The Ferryman Neutral Grave, Travel
Morandin The Forgemaster Lawful Good Forge, Justice
Mortem The Faceless God Neutral Evil Death, Grave
Vita The Sunmotherr Neutral Good Life, Light

Forbidden Gods

Open worship of Valeesha may be outlawed, but she still managed to gather a great number of followers in the Nordhanian culture, who worship her in secret.   Some Nordmansch also revere natural spirits like the The Fey Courts or beastial deities like the The Primogens. Especially Morrinn of Grokeheim and Shiva have a large following amonst them.


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