Bane's Pit

Bane's Pit is the most popular pass time to watch for the people of Bane's Retreat in Dawnlight.


Ten teams of varying size decent into the "pit". They are let down in giant metal cages into a spherical pit, that fills the ground of an arena, but is actually a portal to a pocket dimension.   The visitors can watch all teams and their progress through this spherical portal and follow their movement through markers that hover over the sphere's barrier and point towards the different teams down in the "pit".   The pit itself is made up of 10 different terrains reaching from desert, over jungle to ice glaciers.   The goal of the game is to hunt a predetermined beast, bring its head back to the starting area and get pulled back up into the material plane. The team that passes through the barrier with the head in its possession wins. There are no rules on how to reach this goal.   This causes many different approaches to win the pit fight. Some teams try to hunt the beast and deliver the head, while others lay ambush to steal the trophy from the hunters.

Components and tools

Anything that the team can bring down inside the metal cage, they are allowed to use. The only exception to this rule are dimensional containers (like bags of holding) and other magic items that threaten the integrity of the pit's pocket dimension.


Each team has to consist of at least 3 members and can be formed of up to 7 members.   Inside those teams are there no rules in how to fill any roles, but some setups have developed over time, the most common being:
  • 1 Captain
  • 1 Tracker and Navigator
  • 1 Carrier
  • 1-4 Hunters
  The beasts can be anything from giant animals to dragons.


The fights take place 2 times per month, but only of a sufficient beast to hunt is available.
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