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Chimera (Ki-mera)


A three headed beast, with one of a snake, the other a lion and the third a wolf breathin' fire? Oh please stop pullin' my leg.


  Is a gryphon a chimera? Is a demon one? What about a snake with two heads?   The definition of a chimera is as simple as it's complex. It's a lifeforce substituted to some form of body or contraption made from different worlds, like organic tissue and tech, or necromancy and surgery.   For example, a gryphon is a perfect physical and mental form of a natural creature. It's body resembling both an eagle and a lion biologically work in it's functions, and the creature while having certain aspects of both worlds still carry a unique form of behaviour that neither of the other two animals do.   A chimera on the other hand would still carry the brain of the eagle, thus having the exact same behavioural pattern as the bird.   The same goes for creatures of chaos, such as demons or dragons. While a succubus for example may carry the feet and horns of a goat, the peculiar demon still has the effects of her chemical balances to take account. Stitching horns and hooves to a woman would give her nothing else than trauma, to the difference of a proper demonic transformation rite.   Another tricky misconception is the common belief that chimera and constructs are the same. While it is true that the chimera construct is a subtype of both cathegories, most constructs to the difference of chimera are created with only mechincal or non organic materials.  

Chimera families



As the name suggest, the pet family of the chimera includes only smaller, harmless creations and can be anything from a parrot with a mechincal wing or a turtle with wheels instead of hind legs. In short a pet chimera is some form of malformed or injured animal that still survives due to scientific intervention. Thus these animals can still be sold, albeit at a cheaper price.  


Not too far away from the pet family, the key difference between the two is how the companion can efficently cause harm. An example may be a hound with surgically added fire glands, causing it to be able to fire-bark.  


Generally humanoid shaped chimera that work as guardians, servants or other forms of labourers.  


A monsterous chimera that harbours a low or weak form of threat to the common soldier.  


Not that different from the abomination, though far more dangerous. Recommended caution when facing one.  

Apex Monstrosity.

A type of chimera so dangerous it demands special measures taken to deal with the threat. Usually by utilizing siege weaponry and machinery, though some mad lads are known to have slain them on their own.

Chimera Types


The most common type of chimera. The construct is some of the most cruel and innocent chimera at the same time. Though it may be anything from a machine running a stuffed parrot to the vicious experiments of humanoids combined to machines in order to endlessly serve their masters command.   In short, the constuct is a machine dominated creature which is run by cogs, wire and steampower rather than activity of mind and intelligence.  


The carnamaton is similar to the construct in it's essential organic and technological parts, but carries one key difference. Where constructs brains, would they have one, are lobotomised and cut to serve a specific function in the machine, but never bite back to command, the carnamaton is completely different.   The carnamaton rather seek to take the intelligence and most often the normal functions of a person and transfer them to a machine which still harbours free will. Fact is, a lot of carnamatons concented to, or even wanted to become a chimera.   An example of this is how a whole race and various cultures took this practice so far it became vital for their survival, as the Graguura mole people would surely be inferor to their surface based rivals without some form of mechanical and mad experimental intervention.  


The stormforged may just be the most popular topic of chimera for scientists, politicans and people over all to talk about. While clearly not as dominant in numbers as the other chimera. Stormforging is an art based on stitching together mostly corpses with some machinery to try and form as organic as possible creatures from the scraps, and bring back life to the creatures via thunder that strikes down and energize them back to life.   An odd fact, is that even though the art may seem grotesque and immoral, it is not illegal in most countries to create stormforged servants, guards and pets due to the belief that the corpses used have already passed on their inhabiting souls to the afterlife. This means that, as long as no graves are robbed, the dead carcases are not owned by anyone and ripe for the pickings.  


While stormforging is legalized, the craft of deathforging is penalized by death in near to all kingdoms, empires and factions. Why? It's due to the art being perfectly similar to stormforging with two vital differences. Rather than carefull technology and mad science, necromancy is used to tear the souls of the dead back into their corpses, or into the chimera. Thus turned into an undead slave of it's master, it's a heresy most deem necessary to punish.  


Half... something, and half... nothing. The Voidstitched are easily some of the most perverse chimera that exist. Usually recognized by their various out of place eyes and barnacles that grow on organic tissue which melts with plate armour and anything else that cover the body. Then embraced with tentacles and tendrils that may sprout from the head, shoulders, arms and fingers.   The voidstitched are the only chimera which is not crafted by the mortal hand, but it's shape is granted by the abyssal gods, whom may improve or weaken the form of the 'blessed' depending on how well they serve their cause.   It's also the only form of chimera which only involves parts of humanoids, without any animal parts brought into the mixture. Well, technically not as the tentacles have not been ripped from any poor squid. The only creatures besides of humanoids that can recieve this gift though, are other intelligent beings such as dragonkin. An example of a voidstitched dragonkin would be the draki Nidrhaug whom embraced their powers.   In some odd cases though, the abyss is swindled, or at least pretend to be fooled to spread this gift to renegade voidstitched. An example of this is the Morkadian Deathless, who return from the dead into new voidstitched forms to keep serving their ever resting queen untill their second death drives them appart.

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