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"I don't care how long you've served, how many battles you fought, or how many lives your blades have taken. If you face a Yar'Ghaûl, you'll shit your bloody pants. I dare bet my whole fortune on that."   -Jarl Erök the wrathful.

Basic Information


The creature in question has several appendages carved out from twigs and thorns.   It has both a pair of small arms hidden in the chest and a pair of large hulking arms on the shoulders. Combined with a pair of steed like hind legs on the end of their bodies along with a folded pair underneath the guts, the human looking beast is a dread to behold.   The monstrosity does not have any bones or muscles either. Everything is a big mess of twined wood and wicker that are held together by molded ropes and disease ridden brier.   The foul mass is further kept alive by the befouled machinations inside, kept in place by veins of pulsating, putrid vines and preserved animal organs, befouled and carved to unnatural life with runes of death and nature.

Ecology and Habitats

This trick however, only seems to work in the forest of thorns and thus discourage the beasts from ever leaving their dark birthplace. Still, it’s bad enough as many a traveler requires to traverse the woods in order to cross Diestria. Hopefully, they’ll be smart enough to pass during the day with utmost haste.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Now, as for the purpose of the creature, as consisting of perverted shrubbery. We do not really know if it really requires to feed, in the term of eating and drinking at least. No, this certain specimen of thorn child seems to kill for sport, and then roll around in the remains of it’s slaughter. One has theorized that they do this to siphon lifeforce and fuel their needles with all manner of nasty afflictions.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

The face? Like the skull of a massive deer, covered and strangled by vines and tendrils that keep the coals for the three eyes in place. As if it wasn’t terrible enough, the missing jaw is replaced by a cold steel plate with razor teeth.   The entire thing is then decorated with occult sigils carved into the bone with bells drilled into the horns all while heathen carvings symbols hang from their antlers.

Average Intelligence

It should also be stated that, even for a mystically constructed lifeform that has no place in our world, the fiends are incredibly intelligent. Perhaps not sentient with far from the wisdom as a human. I’d compare it to a crow, wise enough to tear up smaller trees as weapons, and capable of avoiding traps. A pity.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

To track its prey, the heathen behemoth uses its excellent smell to trace victims up to a kilometer away. The smell is then backed up with an uncanny good hearing and nocturnal eyes. At least the beast shy away from direct sunlight as its righteous beams harm their sight.   Sadly, the monstrosities have a wicked trick to avoid the sun, by burrowing their arms into the dirt, as they sense the slightest vibration in the ground.

The third eye

  The creature is known to hunt by simple footsteps. It travels through the forest with ease as the bells call the local animals towards it, as if the fiend was an old friend.   Once the poor critters close in, the monstrosity opens its one third eye that is larger and carved in above the coals. Once opened, it shines a luring yellow gaze in front of the topaz gemstone, that fools the prey to close in further.   Once they are in reach, the horrors that follow I wish not speak upon.  

Thorn child

  The Yar'Ghaûl carries an incredible regenerative ability and it's garden nature make most firearms completely useless against it. Don't think mounts will help either, as it can throw horses like pebbles while they are known to eat gryphons like turkey. No, you want some heavy siege firepower and a lot of burning tar. If you lack this? Grab your biggest hammers and axes, your strongest men, and say your prayers.
Scientific Name
Snark interfectorem
Thorn Child
40 years
Average Height
Average Weight
2 tons
Average Physique
A brain is not really needed though, for a create that knows no pain, no emotion and no physical restraints. It is simply a perfectly conditioned machine that knows no bounds past its structural limits. Limits that can punch right through steel.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
As for the creatures colour, they usually have spots ranging from all colours between a sickly green and a dry brown colour. The creature is then decorated by all manners of moss, bark, shrooms and even animal bones.

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Author's Notes

This article was created with a lot of inspiration from the Witcher 3's Fiends and Greedfall's creatures.

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