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The Boar

Count Montgomery Alfred Wyld (a.k.a. The Boar)

"You join me not today as servants, workers or soldiers. Nor do you join me as thieves, bandits or criminals. Neither are any of you priests, crusaders or inquisitors. We are a herd, a herd of boars that these so called hunters wounded and chased away from home. Now they think of us as weak, bleeding and suffering. They may have been right on a few points, but not all.   Why would I call us boars. A tusked pig you may think at first. What chanse does a pig have against a wolf, not much. No, we are boars because they think we are weak, that we are prey; while they don't realize how wrong they are. We are bleeding, but a bleeding boar keeps fighting till the last drop of blood. We are suffering, but a suffering boar never gives up, it only becomes more hardened.   Tonight the feral she-wolves up north rended their last prey. Untill now our herd has been splitted, the poor and the rich; the philosophical and the logical; the experienced and the new. Tonight is the night we prove to be similar in heart. We are all human and we are all true to Ysand.   Let the lust for blood run free! Let me see the craze in your eyes, your tusks sharpened and ready for combat! Your legs, on a stampede through anything in it's path and leaving -nothing- but ruin! We -will- take back -everything- that they took from us! Let us rejoice in this night, as the comming of a new dawn arises on our horizon. The crimson will light up and purge the corrupted Drow blood that -will- coat our soil!   Let it be known, boars show no mercy."   -High-Inquisitor Montgomery Wyld during the decleration of war against the House of Wolves.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Count's body is strong and somewhat overweigh but not too much to be unhealthy.

Body Features

The Count has a tan from many days and nights underneath desert suns. He also carries several scars across chest, back and arms. He does not have as many on his legs. Like most Diestrians he neither does carry much bodyhair.

Facial Features

Montgomery has an oval, hard shaped face with thick brows and small, narrow eyes. His cheekbones are quite large and fit well with his rough, handsome stubble.

Identifying Characteristics

The man carries yellow runes-script tattoed onto his arms.

Physical quirks

The man has a slightly angled posture, developed from intense archery training.

Special abilities

Weak mysticism of yellow abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

A red and yellow hooded cape coats the solid steel covering the man's chest. Chainmail keep the joints as protected they can be, while leather shoes and gloves without fingertips keep him mobile and dexterous enough. A filled quiver with yellow-runed arrows can always be seen behind the hood and mask, depicting Ysand's face crying blood over runes that translate into human supreriority

Specialized Equipment

The Boar is equipped with a branding iron, shortsword, bow and full quiver with rune etched arrows. On occation he also carries the Ysandrian Codex.

Mental characteristics


Ser Wyld is highly educated within logical and mystical arts by personal teachers, hired by family. He swiftly showed to be a natural at physics and geometry, while having a hard time at mysticism.


He was employed underneath the Inquisition for most of his years.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Count has several successful raids and missions underneath his belt, yet his most grand personal accomplishment is the unison and effective establishment of an alliance, including several bandit gangs and the Inquisition.

Failures & Embarrassments

The Count's most grand failure would be the fall of Wyldburg, when The Spider conquered the town and nearby lands.

Mental Trauma

Growing Paranoia

Intellectual Characteristics

The three characteristics to best describe the man are Logical, Musical, Calculative.

Morality & Philosophy

The boar has a very complicated morality. It can best be described by his speech, held on the ceremony to crown a new High Inquisitor.  
"Brothers, it -is- an honour to stand here, infront of our esteemed father, soon to be crowned the next in line. But at the same time, I mourn. For all other candites. They were brothers who died in the line of duty, against the same forces I battled. Along my side, they were fathers who fought for their and others wives and children, so that less lives can be destroyed by irresponsible and wrong use of the myst. The kind of magic the defilers soon wont dare use in Ysand's name. These disgracefull creatures I am talking about are the elves, naturally. The rich brats who robb our society blind and -take our own light. But as I stand here, you have come and granted me with Ysand's shadow, depicting an injured boar on route, it's eyes bloody red. We will trample their fields, smash their walls and root down their castles. The Boar wont stop untill bled dry or victorious

Personality Characteristics


Driven by fear and hate, Montgomery believes the elves are evil, therefor he needs to conquer both elven territory and Diestria so that he may properly start his holy crusade against the knife-ears.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good at archery. Skilled at chess, tactics and science.   Horrible at sailing, riding and moderately bad at athletics.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes archery and food. Dislikes people who dare oppose him.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is very fast to act and dexterous. A slight amount of fat and much muscles, with intense hardening from training has also give the count incredible strength and pain resistance.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is slow and lacks in agility.

Personality Quirks

Ser Wyld has over the years started to develope something of a paranoia which makes him have awkwardly swift reactions towards suprise sounds.


Montgomery keeps clean enough, but does not threat getting his hands dirty.


Contacts & Relations

The Boar has contacts within both the Golden and Frozen Empire, along with Diestria, Barrkad, the western provinces, Ofhala-Ysandrian isles and Drawaheim. He is also affiliated with various criminal groups, all of which relations are good.   He does however have dangerous relations to the queen of Diestria herself and Yohanes Carver.   He is hated by the Wolf and disliked by various other elven factions.

Family Ties

The Count's family is not very important. But it should be known he has a rather nasty nephew, albeit an heroic uncle who is now dead.

Religious Views

Montgomery remains both faithful towards Ofhélamitrius and Whymnír, which brings his relatively good grounds with Dwarves and Barrkadians. He remains zealous within the belief with Ysand, but also believes that his god is getting weaker, thus allowing him to act as he fits right in order of cleansing the corruption that defile Ysand.

Social Aptitude

Stern, confident and logical. The man is not one to be seen as driven by wrath or feeling and thus easily calculated into a trap. Even called as a boar, he is calm and calculative, always thinking over his steps and choices, trying to determine what results would come from the action.


He -is- correct, atleast often. Count Montgomery Wyld is a good listener and keen on details, but by no manners too proud to accept he could be wrong. He often remains silent while speaking and often corrects and works out peoples words with his own logic.   This whole man in the background, carefully listening personality is thrown out the window at leading. The boar is incredibly blunt but passionate when leading. His hand gestures are slow but firm in a way that makes minds lulled to believe everything is true per scientific defenition, even when there is no science involved.

Hobbies & Pets

The Count has a pet boar and loves plotting and playing wargames. The count also has a sweet spot for theateristics and music.


He speaks with harsh voice and a hint of Diestrian accent, this accent itself contains loads of slang and street terms, but the man can also speak in a very refined and scientific dialect when wanting something of important figures.   He rarely insult or swear, but often compliments people, with good will behind it.

Wealth & Financial state

He is rich yet with less personal money than most nobles. He requires to fund the Inquisition, yet earns a lot of investments from various criminal groups.

The Nickname

  Montgomery earned his nickname late in life, as a second in command during a failed Inquisition operation. The Inquisitor in command died and the Count had his arm badly injured by a stray shot. Instead of attempting retreat and healing the injury, he was swiftly in command and shooting arrow after arrow with an enemy bow. His accuracy and speed was so grand that he was taking out atleast five enemies each time his own troops required, and this with his injury. Infact his aim and speed seemed to only grow the more blood he lost.   Once the dust had settled an Montgomery emerged victorious, the witch in charge of the resistant group called out man-swine towards the Count, in which he casually gave back the known sentence. Not merely a swine, but a boar about to gore

The Archer

  It is common that humans most often resolve to firearms rather than bows, for their simplicity to use along with the superior firepower and melee efficency if fitted with a bayonet. This does not come true with Count Montgomery as he rather relies on the old arts of archery. It started out as a hobby but Ser Wyld soon found himself handsomely gifted in the art, and soon he started winning competition after competition.   He did however not use his bow untill a short time after his failed mission, when the prior High Inquisitor had taken note to his efficensy and affection for the tool, he swiftly stated that Montgomery was to use the elves own weapon against them, as a symbolism. "If they use human mysticism, we will use elven weaponry." Was his wise words. Still he humanisedthe weapon by having the wood carved with ysandrian runes of fire, so that their enemies had a long and painfull death, in righteous flames.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Wyldburg, High-Inquisitor of the Ysandrian Inquisition.
Year of Birth
1406 37 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Expected noble birth.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Well kept, brown.
Skin Tone
Tanned white.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm the boar about to gouge my tusks in your gore."
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

The Inquisitor

  After one of his archery competitions , Montgomery returned from the more bright north-western Diestra with a friend. They barely managed to get inside when two half-elves attacked Ser Wyld's company. He was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and kicked on. While still being a very young boy, Montgomery did try to help but was abruptly stopped by a kick to his chest.   It looked as if his friend would die when a figure emerged from the shadows. An Inquisitor with hammer drawn struck the halfbreed with the knife, right in the stomache, before he went to kick the other on the leg, forcing him onto knees before he turned the creatures skull into a smashed egg. It was by then Montgomery knew, he wanted to be an Inquisitor.

The Lies

  The choice of joining the inquisition is not one that instantly came to mind for Montgomery. As a child he was often fed lies on how it was the elves fault Wyldburg lived in poverty and high crime. These stories where often told and in many different shapes. Subtile in the bedtime stories. Raw on the street by civilians. Refined with nobles by the dinner table.   It also did not help Montgomery's take on the elves being bad as his uncle was one of the Inquisitors himself and even a kind fellow, atleast to humans. Some of the things he had seen and told about, even if true, gave a picture of the few elves that where bad, as being a large majority. This gave Ser Wyld a high suspicion of the elves that would later come to be one of the sources to why he hates them.

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