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Snow-Elves or Pure-Elves

Father, within the heavenly myst. I praise your name all holy and let it be known, your will, is our will and thus within our kingdom your will be done. And pray give us hope, to keep struggling and forgive our sin, as we are only mortal. Pure-Elven Prayer.

Basic Information


Small, weak, made for beauty and estethics can be a first and final thought in an individual who sees this race for the first time. Born from Dark Elves through Draghânir's gift, these Draghânid's did not shy away from their origin and embraced it. They are small, adorable and cute with their soft features and middle heigh of around 140cm and small bodies that carry a dense musculature close to the hardened crystal-like bones that are covered by a chemical jelly beneath the muscle and bone. The jelly protects them from blunt force and gives them slight extra dexterity and mobility.   A pale skin with gray and/or blue feaures cover their bodies. Giving them a helpless look that decieves most of their kin are able to lift around twice their weigh.   There is a large difference between the male and female gender as the women have beautiful wings and stand taller than the males.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Pure elves reproduce like normal humanoids.

Growth Rate & Stages

While elves ages slowly, the Pure Elves age even slower and can get up too six hundered years old, while only during the twenty last years their age affects them. A Pure Elf remains a toddler towards their fifth birthday. Here they slowly grow up to be teens at age of twenty. They reach maturity thirty years old and then ever so slowly keep aging untill they reach the rapid last twenty years to say goodbye.   Their long growth is not so much caused by genetics or enviroment as it's Draghânir's gift to the race he believes symbolizes himself the most.

Ecology and Habitats

The pale skin of this elven culture is perfect for the cold and often dark climate, to absorb the warmth and energy from the sun. Their size also helps them to require less food and nutrients, therefor making farming and hunting easier. Ingenuinity has also granted the Pure-Elves their ability to live and prosper within a cold isle enviroment, while still keeping cool and well on the warm summertimes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pure-elves eat mostly anything, from vegetation to meat. They however draw a line on cannibalism and eating other sentient races, nor do they often eat their own animals as they rather keep them alive to produce milk, wool and more, while also aiding in both combat, building and travel by using their large size and strength.   As an example of animal they use are hounds and boars for foraging of mushrooms, berries and wild game.   The Pale Elves store their food within cold salt caves, that can freeze down and protect food for month's and even years on the rare occation.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Pure Elves live within a Patriarch Monarchy, yet their social structure is defined by wealth class, not gender, even though the male king is the more important figure. The peasants and other crafts of a civilizatons foundation used to be the lowest standing in society and have often lived in agony underneath the richer, untill that of Anton Brighthope claimed the throne and was elected Prime-minister. The poor faded away to a decent middle class, at the cost on other races and elven cultures.   The higher wealth class consists of scientists, mysticans, nobles, higher craftsmen and folk of religion, as they are the culture and pillars of society. They are the ones who make life on the isles easy, the ones who grant the armies their advanced technologies, along with the ones who make the factories, theaters, feasts and life overall blossom.   The highest within Pure-Elven society is the triangle roof of equality. The soldiers and the parliament that stand the second highest pride of the nation.   The highest pride and ultimately most important person is however the Warror-King, seen far above any God-Patriarch, God-vessel or Divine-Matriarch in power, the Warrior-king is not valued as a god's champion or chosen, but instead as someone even above the divine beings. From this comes the holy saying. "Ty kronan ej givas af blod, men togades af själfvaste gud" Which translates into common language as "The Crown was not granted by blood, but taken from god himself."

Facial characteristics

Most often softer, more slender and cute features with a lot of beauty towards it. The Pure-elves are among the most stunning races within Arcathia.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most Pure Elves reside within the Northeastern isles of the Common Lands. Recently they have traveled further east to unkown lands, aiming to colonize and finally show the world they are not to be stepped upon.

Average Intelligence

Pale Elves's culture is highly intelligent, past their other kinsmen. They are rather on a similar level that of dwarves, slightly past a human's.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The taller more sensitive, knifeshaped ears give the race an increase to hearing and balance. These have always existed within elven kin along with their beautiful noses. Still, the Pure-elves were not created for the looks, something their eyes represent.   Smaller than other elves and more humanlike with gray, blue and midnightblue irises and human pupils have been developed so that they may see a less colorfull world, something which protects them in their bright and often snowy climate. Instead their eyes risk refractive errors that they skillfully fix with spectacles.   As Draghânid's the Pure Elves are more resistant towards the negatives and risks of the Myst, while also able to communicate with other Draghânid's. This makes them able to tame dragons and similar creatures or drive them off their cities with conversasion instead of conflict.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Pure-elves often use nordic human names for first names like Anna, Sven, Stig, Karolina yet also love to use doubble names, more often on women because it's said their beauty and wisdom entitles them too important for simply one name, and therefor names like Anna-Karin or Ulla-Maria. Male's can be named Sten-Stig or Björn-Örjan.   Comomon lastnames often try to explain their purity and nobility by having light and beautiful surnames, to the difference of their parent Dark Elves more sinister names. The Pure-elves names often includes words like Pure, Hope, Holy, Light or Innocense.

Beauty Ideals

Similar that of humans, the Pure Elves enjoy beauty, especially the women who use a lot of facial products. They however care about their own looks, not others.

Gender Ideals

Standing as the only elven culture with the strict rule of only the two different genders may get married, this is however not an issue for this population and is supported by almost every single inhabitant due a strongly logical, religious and traditional thinking aided by wide difference between a male and female.

Courtship Ideals

Still, the Pure Elves remain pure in their courtships, they believe it's the inside that means the most and not the looks of an individual. Therefor they don't often court or try flirt, when a female and male Pure Elf find each others they will sign a marrige contract.

Relationship Ideals

While love for the Pure Elves is quite rare due not happening untill the later 300 years of their lives, they are incredibly passionate in a singular individual who they, like birds, will remain truthfull with untill the end. They will neither go into anything passionately with a lover untill properly married and underneath religious blessing.

Average Technological Level

While most elves tend to stay with their classical weapons of choice while mastering and uppgrading them, the Pure Elves have laid the most resent rules of war. While muskets and revolvers guide the way of most successfull civilizations, Handheld grenade launchers dominate the fields with faster reload times, less weigh and even better range. Revolving rifles grant sharpshooters range and six to eight rounds, depending if they want larger bullets or smaller but more. The short ranged blunderbusses have also been swapped with a larger rifle that fires larger and longer shrapnel.   Steam engines are also used all over the isles, granting a mix of worker/machine factories and increase the safety, production, income and wellfare of the civilizations. This due the first ever invention company growing forth, the Greycogs, who have started to build everything from observatories and steamdriven boats too Steamtanks and currently on their largest project yet in Pure Elven history, the train.   The Pure Elves also know far more about the world surrounding The Commonlands, than what the other civilizations within do.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Having left the Dark Elves as the blasphemous traitors gave in too a god-not-their-own's demands, the Pure Elves felt like their own language now taste of filth. They cast it away in anger and instead looked for another one. When they learned of the Ancient humans now reveering the traitor god, they stole their language and "purified" it with old accents and mixing it with ancient elven words for revenge, an eye for an eye.

Common Etiquette Rules

Always salute soldiers, bow for nobles and praise be the king. One for all, all for one.

Common Dress Code

Males often wear striped or checkered long coats out of linen with a woolen shirt underneath, spotting a threaded collar above it. Half bent hats or tricorns with feathers in cover their heads, along with long loose, curled or knotted up behind the head. They also wear woolen pants, finely stitched with wooden shoes inlaid with cotton, or painted linen pants with high woolen socks that pass the kneecap, fitted within hard leather shoes with laces, just as laces also keep their linen gloves on. They also often wear glasses on their faces, due the intense lightning from snow during the winter periods risk damaging the eyes.   The women often use long but not wide but narrow dresses that cover their full body underneath the throat to the shoes. They often only come in one colour or a small, simple pattern of colours. They wear high heeled wooden, linen and woolen shoes, along with full woolen clothes underneath the dresses to keep the warmth inside. They style their faces and hair with whatever they feel like and most often wear jewelery on the neck and ears. The women also often adorn their faces with glasses and rarely monocles.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Pure Elves have slight heritage from both the Ancient Sun and Moon elves, while also from that of Dark Elves, making religious buildings with high spires and strong while mighty forts out of iron, stone and wood, stappled on each others and fastened with alchemical bases. The common houses and buildings are also made out of chopped down woods, instead of smooth stone or carved out of living trees to live in symbios with them.   They are highly religious but have started to over the years praise their king as a god instead of Draghânir, as they believe he is weak and have abandoned them. This has given their religion even higher purpose and tons of statues, temples and shrines were eretected in the honour of Pure Elven Kings, which ain't that many. Still each one has ten temples, a hundered shrines and a thousand statues dedicated to them.   On their past times, Pure-Elves love learning, reading, watching theatres and discussing different social topics with each others, while also attending great parties and feasts, often hosted in honour of scientific discoveries or soldiers that perished in battles.   One of the largest monuments in the world in a mound of the dead infront of the Royal Palace, dedicated to each soldier and noble life that has been lost.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Common custom have the Pure-Elves remain highly polite and strict, even in face of adversary or hate. They are taught at an early age to be as pure as possible and chastised from sin. Because of this other civilizations often see them as a race lacking feelings, that is quiet and cold. This is far from the truth.   Pure-Elves -love- conversation and have strong, intense feelings for those they like. If one ever has the luck to meet a Pure-elf and even luckier to befriend them, they will often agree to disagree with ones personal oppinions no matter how stupid they are, along with care for them, but not as a friend, but as a brother. So warm can a Pure-Elf be, that may take a bullet for a friend without expecting anything in return.   The high restraint and strong feelings however have a backside towards it. Along with zeal, their rage knows no boundaries during war and mercy is a concept unkown towards their kin, as is retreat. They will fight till every drop of blood is spent within them and push on towards their foes with complete lack of fear for death. Furthermore they do not grieve for the dead but see themselves as godsent soldiers whom are incapable of being killed by an enemy. If they die it is not by an enemy hand, but by a higher fate itself demanding it's their time.   Other traditons picture the Father and Mother as holy symboles for the Pure-Elves and gives them a big respect of their parents and elderly, something that significantly decreases crime and stupid accidents as most are taught common sense and decensy at a very young age, but it also brews more love within families and tie them stronger towards each other.   This along with a heavy nationalistic pride binds the nation to strive for personal greatness and a love for every wretch and sick of their own people. It gives the Pure-Elves a further strange form of altruism where they try to protect the weak, even if they may see themselves as surperior. Mayhaps this was the reason they came to turn the tide of the collapse.   The Pure-Elves furthermore have one tradition of reknown. Their praise to the summer month and midsummer feast, were they are allowed once in a year to sin with the forgiveness of their praised Father. This does not include murder, thievery etc. Crime is still punishable.

Common Taboos

The old god's have been resigned to praise the dead King's as the father while also praising the living king as the dead ones speaker. This is seen as incredibly perverted and strange by other races, but shrugged upon because nobody would dare to defy the Pure Elves their right.


"Who we are"

. "Too be betrayed and left to fend for ourselves are who we are, always the ones belived to be weakest, with frozen hearts and bodies, stripped from the values of life. We are exiles, but we chose to be exiles, for what life is a life where we forgett our roots and ancestry. A life of bowing down to demands of other, lesser men.   Our story start as filth, Dark Elves they now call them, Pure Elves they used to be, destined by our maker, Draghânir, to battle back the forces that seek to ruin our lands. We never failed him, We fought in his name and stood against the forced of the narrowminded Sarak and the heretical Jingváelica. -We- crushed the threat to this world, as the rest of our kin simplemindedly fought the humans and lost to their patriarch's might. So let me ask you. When Sarak would come to defeat our god, yet we remain in strength. Why do some of us simply bow our heads and listen to their demands, to serve them.   -We- could have sent anything it threw at us back to the myst. But no. The traitors follow the example of two losing concepts. To start up a -Matriarchal- Empire!? and underneath the god of -blind- justice? Where did all the logic go, were did our purity go. It's not strange you're called Dark Elves, as you ensured your own dark ages.   Instead, the brave of us took towards the north. The frozen sea. There was no other place for us to go, weak and betrayed. Atleast our hearts filled with hatered fueld our blood with fire. We proved to nature itself, we had best it's forces before and we could do it again. We proved to death not even it's cold could break our mettle. We built our homes along the Winterland isles. We hunted, we gathered and we survived day by day, untill the start of a new, small civilizations started to form. But we were weak.   Our bodies grew smaller, our skin even paler, our feelings, stronger to a point we would fight within each others. What gift of beauty, strength and structure our old god had given us still didn't suffice for the north. No he had left us and in the wake of a bloodbath, he had to stand up. My ancestor, my grandfather.   He climbed to the highest peak and looked down upon his people. He loved them all, from the poorest wretch to the wealthiest of nobles. From his heart came the words of purity.   Fathers, brothers, look at yourselves, what you have become. Do you see the agony, the desparity, the anger and hatered towards each others, because I do not. I chose not to. Nor do I chose being blind as I have opened my eyes and set gaze on what we have achived. Here we stand, alive and togheter in body while our enemies believe we are long gone. Our cities are growing, our god may have left us, but our spirit will never. With our spirit and bodies we shall keep striving untill we are thriving.   The masses went silent and judgementaly stared at him. The smallest of them, the weakest stood there. Yet, young and inexperienced his tongue cut like a steel sword and made them listen.   At first he remained silent, in doubt with all the eyes ontop of him, then in a heartbeat a voice came to him. Not a voice that of diety, no, something even more powerfull. His inner strength filled him with will and courage.   And how shall we strive on, yes we shall become the greatest nation on this world. We shall develope the best of weapons, lay the law of warfare. We shall conquer the nature, melt the snow off our shores and force the nature to feed our people. We shall show the lesser races we are not be triffled with. We shall show them we still exists, and as ghosts we shall sweep in and -retake- what is rightfully -ours-.   Any more words my Grandfather tried to preach couldn't be heard. The cheers rang with such intensity, we started changing for the better. What dark curse was cast on us finally started to burn away in purity as our people united underneath him, he who would be king.   Elyza Shadowflame was his Dark Elven name, but in that moment our purity burned it away and Elis Brightlight was borne.   They assailed the Dark Elves and attacked them with insignificant numbers and technology, yet the fear of the unkown guided them through decisive victory through decesive victory untill the whole coast was set ablaze. Soon the other elven factions had to intervene, but they were also in shock when they saw their foes. Elves, with even more stunning beauty than they could have predicted their race capable of stood there, wielding full plate in the style of humans, while wielding axes, spears, shields and crossbows like dwarves.   Battle after battle was lost against our people, which they so ignorantly came to call Snow Elves in lack of better names. And we kept fighting back. Fatal blow after fatal blow was delivered untill we reached all the way into Thémanîln. They begged and plead, no man must enter the city, men would not be able to withstand the beauty. Hah, we are no simple men, my Grandfather said. We are -the- men, the pure of elven kin, the -true- people worthy of your Matriarch's silver crown. And so it was, my Grandfather accended the tower of gods, and infront of the heavenly myst iself, he dethroned the Empress and took the crown.   As he now stood there, crown in hands, his mission complete and with the Empress begging for mercy, he felt something strange, a guilt. He had crushed his enemies, plundered them weak and done the impossible, to take the elven capital, but what had he brought. He set out on his quest to quench pain and agony, not cause more of it, and such it was, as his people stood screaming for him to crown himself, that he looked upon them once more, with resolution in his eyes.   My people, my children. What we have done here, what we have caused is w-. He went silent, a knife etched from his back by the Elven Empress had him fall down the tower, along with the crown. Dead he lied by his army who feel into grief, one by one.   That night, the legend of the Warrior King was born.   They carried him and the crown home by hand as they left the elven city. Nobody dared to attack them as they trailed back, in fear they would burn every single town and village nearby if they did.   Once we had returned, my Grandfather was burried along the rest of the dead, in a large mound infront of what would become the royal Palace. On his body laid the crown, along with the hope for the Pure-Elves. A crown and hope that my father would pick up infront of the grieving masses.   Elis Brightlight was a great elf with a good heart and a love for his people, Karl said.   He then crowned himself before finishing the speech.   Hope does not die with him, as he trancends this realm. My father, our father now live within all of us, for eternity. With his soul and the crown, the Warrior King lives through me.   The Second Warrior King showed his people the greatness they had achived, what seeds they had sown and how their hundered years crusade had increased both their technology and economy along the new Greenhouses have granted a small elite to rise up. An elite that could become have turned into an issue if not for the King's swift acting.   The elite was swiftly put into place while given noble titles and missions. Soon theatres, schools, farms and a state buildings rose up along with a peoples court. Unwritten laws and traditions were now being recorded on paper. All of these inspired the age of enlightment for the Pure-Elves and life was good, for a moment.   One day, without warning a massive force of creatures appeard from the mists like daemons from the myst. We had never seen the colours before, nor the pattern or the animals represented on the sails.   They did not come from the Common Lands, nor carried they any resemblance to the known races of our kin.   During the first day of the Sabretooth, they approached our shores with hostile intentions. Hulking and large creatures rushed through the hails of fire. None survived the first assault, but they came again, and again, and again. Soon our defences ran out of bullets and our kin ended up fighting in hand to hand combat. We stood little chanse. Our people were pushed further and further away from the isle coasts and into the cities. Soon, panic blossomed across our glorious father nation. Death and decay ran through the waters and blood coated the streets outside our walls.   They had us trapped, but an injuried animal with no way of escape, is the most dangerous.   My father, the King ordered me and my newly formed company to build him something. A machine, an engine of war. A beast made out of steel.   Soon we found ourselves built into three divissions. The three parties. Me, leading the Graycogs, engineers of reknown and fame. Saint Ulla-Freja, leading her Valakyre, dangerous mysticans of frost and death. And General Petrus Pureshield, our Grand-General, who command Morsgardet.   In the freezing night, a blizzard was created by the women within our walls. A cold set into the bone, but we no longer feared the frost of death. No, we'd embrace it, we'd join our father if fate said our time was to come. As such the gate opened and I sent the machines forward, flames spewing fourth from them created a cloud of steam that hid us behind our fathers veil. Then, we charged. One to eight we stood, but our enemies were slaughtered like cattle.   Foolishly, they threw down their arms and surrendered, but we would have -none- of it. We set a pyre to their boats, executed the captives and threw the corpses to the seas. Once again we stood above the lesser races who dare defy us our existance and the title of Warrior-King grew even beyond that of the gods, once more.   Sadly, as we liberated the rest of the isles, disaster struck with a stray shot and my father now known as the Sabre from the Vapour, our second Warrior-King, fell aswell, to join the father among the soldiers lost in the conflict.   Now, a hundered of years later, -I- had been crowned by my people, destined to become the third Warrior-King. I did not let the father or my people down.   I, Anton Brighthope reformed my people with a more just system were all the individuals got to vote and discuss. Through this I bolstered my nations culture, while our technology and livestyles grew even better. We laid the foundations of the futures warefare.   During the collapse I marched my army down to the common lands and aided them in a struggle against our old enemy, Jingváelica. Again, we defeated her, but not in time. The middle of the Common Lands was ravaged by a massive forest of thorns and new, deadly creatures. But I saw the struggle of the lesser races and elven cultures and I understood what feeling my Grandfather had felt before his fate was decided. Even though they stand beneath our might and purity, their lives may also count.   The more worthy of them, champions who fought with the same courage and skill as even my very best, I sought council with. Ashamed, I had to admit, we could not have won the battle alone.   I helped form the noble Occult-Hunters before I brought my people back home. It was the dawn for a time of peace, a peace we praised for a hundred years underneath my rule, that they had not been gifted. Fate may be cruel sometimes.   No, now is the dawn of war, the threat of the Common Lands may have been perished, but there is far more about our world than we know. Far more threats that while may not directly be a threat to the Common Lands and us, may turn into one in the future.   Today ends a chapter of a story, but who may know whom's to write the next?" Warrior-King Anton Brighthope +

Historical Figures

Warrior-King Elis Brightlight, Warrior-King Karl Innocenthope, General Petrus Pureshield, Warrior-King Anton Brighthope and Saint Ulla-Freja Heavenlight.

Common Myths and Legends

The Warrior King and his Father

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Pure Elves see most human cultures, like the Frozen and Golden Empires as potential allies, along with the dwarves as good friends. The Pure Elves however look upon much of their own race and peoples with disgust and hatered. They believe their fellow elves to be weak and easy to give in demands and political manipulation. The Elves they dislike the most are however Dark Elves who they deem traitors, along with the Wood Elves that betrayed their fellow elven. They are neutral standing towards the Ancient Human tribes, Quarrn tribes and Charpaccans.   Furthermore the Pure Elves acctualy support the Orochen's quest of becomming a functioning race, yet they do not approve of the making of Taurus and forcing melding ritual on other spieces. Instead they should use it on themselves and start building a nation from the few to come out of it, than build a massive empire from innocent lives.   Their wievs of people outside of the Common lands are currently unkown.
Scientific Name
Consilium dryadalis
583 years.
Conservation Status
The Pure-Elves protect their race with zeal. They would never even think of marrying another race or bow to their culture and ways. No, the Pure-Elves remain pure!
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Zealous about covering up their bodies, colouring and markings don't come common for this species. Yet the pale skin can often take more blue or gray tones around some spots of the body. The soldiers flag-bearers also coat their face in blue and yellow checkers.   Female Pure-Elves tend to use a lot of makeup on the face.

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