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Extort squad

"Not all heroes wear capes or fight on the holy fields. Some lurk in the corners of the night, patiently watching the moonlit streets to keep you safe."   -the Witchfinder General



The squad usually consist of six members, being the Extorter aka pointman, Falconeer that works as the teams sniper and scout that carry vigilant eyes in the sky, Pyrebearer who knocks down the doors and take the heavy hits as the tank of the party, Mechanist who sets the traps and explosives as the crews saboteur and finally the two Witchfinders that are the main firepower and field surgeons of the group.


The tools used for the squad varies much from operation to operation, yet the usual gear is often specialized climbing gear, explosives, food utensils, tents, first aid kits, crossbow ammunition, horse and bird fodder a carriage wagon to hold it all, as operations can take several weeks if done subtly. Paper and scribing tools along with civilian clothes often follow with for recon missions as well.


In the unlikely twist of having to escape in a blaze, the squad carries with a small gatling gun inside of the cart, along with assembling tools, wood and spikes to blockade themselves into small crevices and roads. They even have imported Graycog repeater rifles in worst case scenarios.


Besides the carriage, the squad brings along four horses. During travel all of them carry the cart, yet they often remove a couple of the mounts from the carriage, either for scouting or to use in combat if attacked.


All the hunters are equals in an Extort Squad, yet the most skilled at tactics, leading and keeping a level head in sticky situations are made into Extorters and thereby lead their crew in combat. They take direct orders from the Witchfinder General and are thereafter tasked to make up a plan with their crew, from the contract given.


To the difference of many peoples beliefs, the Extort Squad doesn’t necessarily engage in combat during their missions. They play smart and by no means follow the rules, rather they use every little piece of knowledge they can get by inquiring, interrogating, eavesdropping stealing and outright blackmailing people. Even nobles are not safe from their shady operations, rather they are exceptionally targeted due to their power.   Much can be said of these lowly tactics that can make them seem like glorified crooks and spies, but it yields results and lower the body count significantly, as most missions rather end in critical evidence dealing with a target in court, rather than a bolt through the neck.


The hunters require constant and heavy training that is divided into three parts, the first being an agility check to traverse different landscapes in urban areas and nature, with swiftl and sneaky precission.   They are also trained heavily for combat, to work as a team and use each others strengths to the best of their ability, while covering up one another's weaknesses. They have to be able and react swiftly and fire crossbow with almost perfect accuracy. Not only their ranged capability is trained however, as melee weaponry are even more important in narrow corridors and while breaking into buildings and rooms.   Finally their training involves mental stress and being able to give zero shits what anyone say about them. It's imperative to most of their missions that they don’t take anything to heart.


  In contrast to what most think, the order of hunters was formed before the Crusade and not afterwards. It was historically the people's answer to hostile mysticians and dark powers that most soldiers were incapable of properly dealing with.   The question of what magic was allowed and who was allowed to practice it used to be a heated debate and went so far as to have the High court deal with the issue. A group of hand picked people were chosen to become a mystic police.   The hunters came to break their ties later on though as they deemed the court corrupt and blind. With support from various villages and factions, they managed to assemble enough political power to form their own order.   The Extort Squad came a hundred years after due to advancing technology and warfare.
Historical allegiances:   High Court (Currently unfriendly), Eastern and southern Diestria, house Kingsley, Vanhal family.
Covert Ops
The 28th day in the month of the Siren, year 293 before the Crowning of Ysand
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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