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1443-9-12 C.Y (Crowning of Ysand)

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Long ago the world was in flames due two races clashing against each others. The leaders of the different factions where the so called Bloods. People who carry a genetical power within their blood, which courses their veins with hidden powers hidden. The gods, besides the one of Death, along their champions were long ago slain by one and each others and their lifeblood spilled out into the myst, affecting the very world while giving birth to even more creatures with the Blood's powers. The war could only end when outside races interveined.   The world took it's time to cool down. Still it would not hinder the greedy and zealous from plotting in the shadows. A powerfull alliance was born during an age of concern and discord. Soon war blossomed up yet again, within two of the Northern Empires as the southern Common Lands started to grow ever more tense. A second world war was brought onto the world from the ignorance of the two brother god's of Death and Corruption.   In the wake of the destruction, a cult rose up to take dominion over the Common lands and the Human and Elven cultures had to seek help from the most extreme of their kin, the Snow Elves, Diestria and Quarrn. Standing united, they managed to stop the cult before they succeeded in bringing the end towards the Common Lands. Still, the forces of destruction managed to somewhat succeed and a massive forest of Thorn's appeared to ruin much of the lands. New creatures along with dangerous artifacts appeared on the surface and a time for evil had it's dawn. Yet, there is hope, for groups of the world's champions remain to fight the darkness and perhaps once and for all bring an endless era of peace to the realm.   Will they succeed, or will they succumb?, find out more within the unforgiving lands of Arcathia.