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Arcanovia is a land of wonder, mystery and adventure. The world is split into three continents, Knowtora, Eaterra, and Wookano. Arcanovia is a new world, known for its abundance of magic. The land is known to change as arcane anomalies form and dissipate. Any being willing to study the land can harness said magic, they just have try.   Knowtora is the northern continent of Arcanovia. It has a cool climate that makes travel difficult if you aren't well equipped. This region is the least explored of all of Arcanovia, aside from the climate, not much is known about Knowtora. Many travelers have ventured there, not so many have returned.   Eaterra is the eastern continent of Arcanovia. Its earthy, dry texture dissuades travelers, but tales of riches buried beneath the sand entices them again. Eaterra's inhabitants are often found covered from head to toe to shield themselves from the blazing heat in the morning and the chilling cold come dusk.   Wookano is the western continent of Arcanovia. It consists of meadows, jungles, mountain ranges and much more. Though the wildlife can be fierce, it is where most of Arcanovia calls "home." Wookano is well civilized, with many small towns forming along the rivers. Many explorers search the jungles for temples or the mountains to slay dragons. The most prominent occupation in Wookano is "Monster Hunter," a sign of the times?   Lastly, the vast ocean that separates the continents takes months to travel even by the fastest vessel. Knowtora is the least known land mass, but the ocean has never been explored. No mortal dares to sail the Yearntee.