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Westfalia Campervan

The VW Westfalia (or “Westy” for short) is a Volkswagen bus that was converted into an innovative campervan by Westfalia, an Arcadian RV company.    Westies were designed to be the perfect campmobile. The interior of the Westy is surprisingly spacious with loads of storage, and it’s ready for life on the road with all the basic necessities – two-burner stove, sink, a fridge, a couch that converts into a bed, and even a second bed up top. We can actually walk around and stand up tall when the top is popped. And no space is wasted, which is ideal for a tiny home. It’s truly an intelligent design.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Standard equipment     Camper interior Various foldout seat arrangements for sleeping Birch plywood interior panels Laminated plywood cabinetry for storage Ice box or cold-box Sink  Water storage and pump Electrical hookups Curtains Screened jalousie (Venetian blind) windows Laminated folding table
5,140 mm
1,980 mm
2,070 kg

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