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A fairy who takes on a leadership role and whose stature reflects that as a result.


In a group of multiple fairies, potentially any female fairy has the potential to become one if they have caring and very social qualities.


If a previous Titania in a group has perished or is otherwise absent, a female fairy that is typically the most that provides the most altruistic care for the others undergoes a gradual change. First these tendencies are amplified, then they increase in size until they become a medium sized humanoid.


A Titania of a fairy community assumes the duty of protecting and guiding the other fairies, they also play with them; so they're kind of like big sisters to the fairies too.


A Titania protects the fairies they oversee using high level protection spells and restoration spells that are especially potent on their fellow fey.  If someone is attacking the fairies, they can quell the malice and animosity of their foes using magic, potentially even having the enemy become friendly to their group and playing with the fairies. Titania are also responsible for entertaining their smaller charges by participating in their games and even directing play and often teaching them new ways to gamify daily tasks.


Their bodies develop in size, specifically in height, weight, and often become breathtakingly beautiful to humanoids. This change also grants them a drastic increase in their magical potential and gives them a huge pool of mana to draw from.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A fairy typically stops being a Titania if they die (even if they rejuvenate, they will do so as a standard fairy) or for some reason they are unable to look after a group for an extended period of time.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Alternative Naming
Fairy Queen
Equates to
Somewhere between an actual queen and an older big sister
Source of Authority
Gain their authority form their fellow fairies
Length of Term
Life long or if she leaves and another fairy develops into one
First Holder

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