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Mana is basically magic that is freely floating around in the environment and produced by natural phenomena.


Ambient     On a planet flourishing with life like Kaf, mana is thought of like a world encompassing force. The background magic field of a planet, ambient mana permeates through all landmasses, oceans, objects and lifeforms on an entire world. Many things that are exposed to the magical field on a daily basis, can retain some of this energy as magic power, this is especially notable for crystals and biological molecules.   For a natural environment, the less pollution and more nutrients that are present, the more mana will be in abundance and the faster it replenishes. Pollution, mineral loss, overuse of resources, and other degradation of nature can lower the ambient magic power of a given area to very little. Because of that, absorbing mana or ritual magic is harder in those conditions.


Magic: How to do the Gathering

  Magical energy is gathered, usually by the practitioner from some source. This source can be the ambient magic power in the environment, that mana internalized in the practitioner themselves, or some other external source.   Common sources of mana include gemstones, or undisturbed natural settings like crisp meadows, pristine forests, vibrant mountains, and rough seas. More active but harder to control sources include the likes of thunderstorms, rough seas, and even natural disasters such as active volcanoes and earthquakes.   Artificial sources are typically implements used to enhance magic like grimrories, magic staves, wands, amulets, talismans, charms, totems, etc in the form of magic power.


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