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3rd Month Day 13 BM 395

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This world is a big fantasy landscape filled with forests and steaming deserts, trampled by mountains of snow with green beautiful hills all between. Humans live across these lands and it can be taken as the middle ages. At some point, humans were able to wield magic to defend against ghouls, monsters, and devils. In the middle of this land is a kingdom modeled after gothic arthcitetcure. It houses the Saints, All-powerful humans who governed the lands and keep the people safe. They are of the highest honor in society and it is extremely difficult to become one. To become one, one must be considered the most devoted to humans even in the face of death. These humans must have endured the most to and spent their whole lives in the devotion to keeping humans alive. The right-wing guard to the Saints is the Angels. A beautiful and caring elite team of humans who act as healers, messengers, and diplomats. Angels are mostly comprised of Women but they are few men selected. are some of the most intelligent and gifted humans, second to the Saints. They are the guardians of humans and tend to mingle with the common folk to bring food and other supplies. Angels also gain wings and the ability to fly. Angels can also pass on the ability to fly to non-angles with touch, but only for an hour and they can only do it again after 2 hours. Angels are mainly skilled archers with their light arrows. Angels tend to dress in toga garments and shiny armor with their trademarked gold headbands. Next in command are Reapers. An all-out elite force of magic users who dress in black hooded cloaks with each user-chosen scythe. Each user also dawns a skull mask that acts as a shield for their face. Many reapers tend to change up their skull design to match their personality. Reapers are the main hunters and act as the military. They go out and destroy devils and protect lives. Devils are actually coruoted souls. Once a human dies, their soul drifts out to the world. If the soul does not find peace or its way to Skybound (Heaven), it can become tainted and reincarnate as ghouls, monsters, or if their hatred is deep enough, a devil. Our Story begins with a young boy,(Jiro). He lives just a few outskirts from the main castle. His father is one of the highest-ranking members of the reapers. He has an older brother who is also very well respected in the reapers. His mother is a warm, nurturing common folk (actually she is an angel but we don't know that yet). Jiro dreams of becoming a reaper like his family but he doesn't have magic powers yet and he is at the age when begins to become a magic-user or not. His family loves him none the less but Jiro is devasted and trains every day to gain magic. Meanwhile, Alderic, the first devil begins to plot his ultimate plan. Kumachi, a younger devil, is Alderic's right-hand man and he is looked like his son. Alderic is the main founding member of a team called Redrum, a group of the five most powerful devils and their ghouls and monsters as well as their lower-level demons. One fateful night, while the Reapers are off in a meeting. a devil flies from the skies firing fireballs from its mouth burning the near homes. Ghouls and monsters appear to come right after. Jiro's home is attacked and he tries to fight but almost dies. His mother tries to help but is spotted by the devil and picks up his mother and flies away. Jiro runs and calls before a ghost pushes him into a tree, ghosts are devils who have lost their identity, they embody nothing but hatred depressed soul. Jiro, on the ground, sees his mom and tries to raise his hand before falling. As this happens, something awakens Jiro that he has never felt before, in the need to save his mother and his own life as monsters and the ghost approach. His hand begins to burn and he lets out a huge blast of fire from his hands as he screams "Flames!". Jiro then answers a trance-like state as he speeds like lighting killing all the monsters as he bounces from tree to tree, he blows winds from his fingers pushing many enemies away as he washes out the fire like slicing an enemy with a blade. Jiro then notices his mother's scream as he lands. Jiro then bursts out bone-like wings as he flies to his mother in one swoop and punches the devil right in the face dropping his mother. Jiro begins to blackout and his wings go back in as he falls to the ground uncouincous. The devil grabs his mother and jets off into the night. We cut to the father and brother coming onto the scene with other Reapers and Angeles. The townsfolk all inform them of what they saw and what Jiro did. The brother finds Jiro and sees the ash from his fingers confirming the story to the Reapers. His father remains calm but the older brother is scared but not showing, he feels immense shame for being here to protect them. The father reassures him that their mother isn't dead as no devil would grab a person like that if it wasn't for a reason, the next course of action is planning on getting her back and now training the young Jiro to be a Reaper. The father sees that Jiro has clearly used raper magic when the brother asks about the report of bone wings, the father explains that was probably fake as the people were disoriented (hiding the truth of Jiro's Angel ability). The brother pleads that Jiro will never be a reaper but the father lets him know that Jiro is one of the most special humans ever made, this clearly hurts the brother to some degree. Jiro is one of the only few humans in history to have the powers of a reaper and an angel, his brother is actually adopted as will later find out. So yeah then the story would continue with Jiro's quest to save his mother and become a Reaper to save humanity from Alderic and his devils as they battle for the war of SOULS.