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Glynda Goodwitch

Glynda Goodwitch is a teacher at Beacon Academy   


  Glynda is a tall, exceptionally voluptuous young woman with fair skin, light blonde hair and light green eyes.   Glynda is extraordinarily attractive, on par with the most attractive students at Beacon, with Jaune's inner monologue describing her as 'sex on legs'. While she exercises regularly and is in excellent physical condition, she has extremely prominent G-cup breasts (the largest in the series so far) and wide, curvaceous hips. Glynda typically wears heels to make herself appear taller and carries herself with a natural authority, and tries to exaggerate the age gap between herself and her students. Despite this, Glynda is very obviously a woman in her prime and is the object of desire of many of her students, although her stern presence generally dissuades them from openly ogling her.   Despite her efforts to distance herself from her students, Glynda is very conscious of her appearance and quite proud of it- while not openly vain, Glynda will dress to impress, even subconsciously, when she wants to catch the eye of a romantic interest, and the only unnecessary object in her apartment is a full length mirror. Glynda not only takes pride in her looks but pride in the work that goes into maintaining them - she enjoys pushing herself to her limits in everything that she does.  


  Glynda is a stern and disciplined woman who values hard work and self control. Having grown up an orphan, and largely isolated from other people, she has difficulty connecting with others and with intimacy in general, though she does care for her students and her few friends, she often has difficult expressing it. While strangers often regard her as cold, Glynda is very empathetic, seeing a lot of her self in Jaune Arc post exile and taking great pains to support him and offer a stable adult presence in his life. This care is complicated by the effects of his powerful family Blessing- since Jaune is a semblance enhanced stud Glynda is increasingly sexually attracted to the young man and is uncomfortable with the amorous nature of her feelings for him - while initially in denial, Glynda does her best to ignore her attraction to her student, considering it extremely inappropriate. Glynda is a firm disciplinarian and one of Beacon Academy's most responsible and respected staff members, often prioritizing professionalism over her emotions.   Glynda lives a fairly austere life with a handful of personal indulgences- she enjoys a quiet night with a book, or an occasional trip to the orchestra, and frequent exercise classes with her friends. She also has a weakness for gourmet chocolates, one she rarely indulges in.  

Personal History

  Glynda was born in the Kingdom of Vale in the spring of 56 AGW, out of wedlock to a mother who did not want her. Because of Valean culture's intense taboo on abortion, Glynda's mother carried her to term despite having no intention of raising the girl. Glynda was given up for adoption at birth, and spent her childhood at Cherry Lawn Orphanage. Glynda stayed in the system for her entire childhood, never finding a family - she at some point adopted the surname 'Goodwitch' after creating it for herself. Glynda was fairly awkward and socially isolated as a child, and had a particular lonely adolescence: in her own words "she hadn’t understood teenagers when she had been one." While Glynda floundered socially and was relentlessly teased and bullied, she excelled academically, burying herself into her schoolwork and developing a cold exterior as a defense mechanism - learning early on that any sign of weakness would not be left unpunished. Glynda also developed a deep appreciation for rules and order, often turning to them as her only protection from other children.   After an impeccable academic performance in her primary and secondary education, Glynda was admitted to the prestigious Prism University, where she double majored in Physics and Philosophy and graduated in 3 years rather than the usual 4. While Glynda had little time for extracurriculars, she worked her way through school. Glynda decided sometime around this point that she wanted to be a professor, but she decided to take a few years off to work as a teacher, taking an opportunity to set aside some savings, and hoping that the teaching experience and valuable connections she could make at Beacon Academy would help her later in her career.   Glynda quickly gained a reputation at the Academy as one of its strictest, sexiest, and most effective teachers. Do to her own relative youth, Glynda began dressing very formally and regularly wearing heels in order to make herself look taller and more imposing and to visibly separate herself from her students- as she was only a few years older than Beacon's upperclassmen.   While teaching at Beacon she came into contact with Jaune Arc, taking an interest in the boy despite his lackluster work - partly because she saw untapped intellectual potential in the boy, partly because she saw a great deal of her own struggles in the young man without a family, and partly because of the natural attraction resulting from the Arc's increasingly powerful physique and potent hormones. Glynda would begin patronizing Branwen's Fitness, where Jaune worked, and subconsciously began wearing tighter and more revealing clothing around him, although she would successfully repress her growing sexual interest in the young man from her own awareness for some time. Glynda would also regularly attend An Ren's fitness courses, and form something of a friendship with her, as well as Kali Belladonna, Summer Rose, and, much later, Willow Schnee.   As Jaune's mental state neared a pivotal turning point, Glynda confronted him about his slipping grades, and, when the boy euphemistically mentioned that he 'felt sick', she helped schedule an informal doctor's appointment with the enigmatic headmaster of the school, Zoroaster Ozpin. Later that night, after meeting Willow for the first time, Glynda was teased by some of her friends for her obvious attraction to her student, which she vehemently denied, until he walked into their sauna shirtless and Glynda was so completely overwhelmed that her feelings became impossible to ignore. Somewhat distraught and unbalanced by what she perceived as an unethical infatuation with one of her charges, Glynda unknowingly helped instigate Jaune's encounter with An.   Later, after the Arc missed school for a week, Glynda came by to check on him and drop off his assignments - Jaune pretended to be asleep during her visit and Goodwitch narrowly avoided becoming one of the Arc's early conquests. After his return to Beacon and marked improvements in his academic standing and emotional well-being, Glynda was noticeably pleased and proud, although unaware that Jaune's improvements were the result of 'blowing off steam' with his various lovers and relieving the pressures of his insatiable libido.   Glynda also attended a meeting with Jaune and Headmaster Ozpin, as an advisor and parental stand in, encouraging Jaune to pursue a college education and trying to get the young man to think about his future and career prospects, while stressing the importance of his choices. Glynda would also discuss the nature of free will, good and evil, and self discipline with the young man, all while trying to temper her response to the passive seductive effects of his Blessing. After a heated exchange with the young man, Glynda was shocked and indignant when Ozpin accidentally spilled boiling hot coffee on Jaune's face, although she failed to grasp the full significance of the exchange, without knowledge of the Blessed and their regenerative abilities. Never the less, Glynda would soon pull Jaune aside after class, apologizing for overstepping her bounds, while clumsily confessing that she only pushed him so much because she cared about him. Nora would burst in the class moments later, diffusing the tension and preventing Glynda from admitting the full extent of her feelings.


  Glynda is a baseline human without any aura related abilities, although she is exceptionally intelligent, beautiful and physically fit. Glynda is exceptionally well organized, disciplined and efficient, and is able to command the respect of most of her students with no issue. She's also generally quick on her feet and is very knowledgeable about a wide range of academic disciplines.   Because of her beauty, intellect, and close relationship with Jaune, Cinder Fall has designated Glynda as a highly valuable conquest for Jaune's growing harem.
Date of Birth
April 18th, 56 AGW
Current Residence
1984 Van Halen Way (#6), City of Vale, Lomba Province, Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair (II)
5'9 (175cm)
143lbs (62kg)
Blood Type
39-25-37 (32G)

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