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Far in the future, Humans have colonized almost every planet and moon in the solar system, leaving the apocalyptic Earth behind. The man-made solar system-wide paradise is now known as Arcadia.   With The Old God dead by human hands, a theocracy rules over all of Arcadia, secretly creating Cyborgs in their never-ending attempt to become God.   Enter Vera Magnos, daughter of one of The Trinity members who hold the entire world in their hands. Together with her brother, Dorrun Magnos and a few new friends along the way, Vera will fight for her own freedom and autonomy: things which she has been denied her whole life, all while playing an orchestrated part in The Order of the Living God's plan to bring peace to the entire universe. A part which she doesn't want to play.   With at least three books planned, the YA Arcadia series is about technology, religion, what makes us human, and the place we all have in the world. It is about the wars we wage not only between each other, but within ourselves.   Follow Vera and her friends on a galactic journey to find their places in a world which wants to hold them down.

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