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This plant is spread across the world but is more prolific as a wild plant on the northern continents. Its domesticated form is grown and used on all of the continents.   The uses were first discovered by elves. They quickly saw the plant's value as it could render even an elf unconscious with no ill effects upon waking. Before the discovery of Somna'In, the methods they used for anaesthetic when they needed it were often painful or detrimental in some other way.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The flowers have pollen that is spread by insects from plant to plant. When the flowers wilt, the small pollinated seeds fall down to the ground to later be covered by the rest of the plant as the leaves die.

Growth Rate & Stages

The plants sprout during early spring and grow quickly to their full height during the first half of spring. The leaves grow bigger during the later half. Flower buds appear during mid summer and they flower a few days later.

Ecology and Habitats

Somna'In grows in shaded places, preferably in wooded areas with a modicum of moisture and little direct sunlight. They grow closely together, creating the illusion of a green fluffy rug across the ground.

Additional Information


The domesticated version of Somna'In grows a bit taller than its wild counterpart. It also grows bigger leaves and flowers which is useful when creating the medical powders and, in some cases, poison.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Somna'In is used for medicinal purposes. The leaves are dried and powdered and used in tea or sprinkled on food in lower doses for their pain reducing properties. In larger doses of this powder, or when using fresh leaves, Somna'In renders you unconscious. This is a widely used anaesthetic for medical professionals as it doesn't leave a person groggy or feeling other ill effects upon waking. The dosage can be a bit finicky, however, depending on the freshness of the leaves and the age of the plant. Thus it has to be used very carefully.   While the leaves are used for medicine, the flowers of Somna'In are deadly. If ingested by an average sized humanoid they would die within an hour. The symptoms don't appear until a couple of minutes before death so there is a small window of using an antidote or magic to cure the victim of the poison. This has led to the domesticated plants being closely guarded, especially in places with high crime rates, to somewhat lessen the chances of the flowers being used with ill intent.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Somna'In can be found mostly inland in temperate climates. It grows on all of the continents but is more widespread in the north.
Average Height
15 - 20 centimeters


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