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Homes of the Gods

Avandra/The Changebringer

Avandra wanders freely across all of the planes with the souls of those who were dedicated to her in life travelling in a vessel that appears as a golden comet in the sky. The comet is commonly referred to as The Trailblazer, though it is not common knowledge that it is the vessel of Avandra herself.   Travelling to the vessel is incredibly difficult and near impossible without the personal guidance of Avandra. The interior of the vessel itself is like an ever changing vast wilderness where new adventures can always be found in a neverending exploration. The souls within are of course in no risk of damage or death, but anyone alive entering the vessel have to be careful not to get injured while moving through the often difficult terrain. However, everyone within the vessel is blessed with the luck of Avandra, gaining advantage on all checks and saving throws.  

Bahamut/The Platinum Dragon

Bahamut resides on the Elemental Plane of Air in an enormous fortress made out of mithril, platinum and adamantium. It is built on a floating island made up of mostly solid clouds that often changes locations in the plane.   Many other metallic dragons live on the Elemental Plane of Air with lairs located on other floating islands. Other denizens of the plane include air elementals, djinn and cloud giants.   Getting to the Elemental Plane of Air is fairly easy but for anyone who can't fly, or can't fly for a prolonged amount of time, they have to find ways of traversing the endless sky until they reach one of the floating islands. Even flying creatures have difficulty if they can't manage to navigate the treacherous and unpredictable strong winds and hurricanes.  

Corellon/The Archeart

They live in the Feywild, visible on the night sky as a round disk with ever shifting colours of purples, pinks, reds and blues. People on the prime material plane call it the moon and the vast majority aren't aware that they are looking at a different plane of existence.   Portals linking the prime material plane and the Feywild will appear randomly in places of unfettered nature and dense with magic during times when the moon drifts closer to Arbressian. Portals also open at Corellon's temple in Inhonoris.   Corellon lives in a palace of immense beauty in the middle of a vast forest. Reaching the palace by travelling through that forest is incredibly difficult and perilous unless Corellon decides to create a path for you.  

Erathis/The Lawbearer

Erathis' primary home plane is Mechanus. Every inch of the plane is covered with one gargantuan city filled with constructs and inventions, including technology not available on the prime material plane. The city never sleeps and every citizen performs their tasks like clockwork with utter preciseness.   It comes as a surprise then that Erathis will now and then during times of balance between civilisation and nature resume a contentious but passionate relationship with Melora. As Melora cannot abide the absolute order and sterility of Mechanus, Erathis will join Melora in her residence for short periods of time as far as gods consider.   Travelling to Mechanus and staying there for a prolonged time can feel monotonous and draining for anyone not of a neutral alignment. After every long rest in Mechanus, those of good or evil alignments must make a DC 10 charisma saving throw. On a failed save their alignment changes to lawful neutral and stays that way until a long rest on another plane of existence. However there is a small chance of people of the lawful neutral alignment to become another cog in the machine of Mechanus and decide to stay there forever.  

Ioun/The Knowing Mistress

Ioun resides in an endless library located in a demiplane of her own creation. The only way to get there without being a devout worshipper of Ioun is to find the right door in the city of Sigil located in the middle of the plane known as the Outlands. There are rumours of the existence of a few tuning forks with the frequency to Ioun's library with which to plane shift there but the locations of those are unknown if they even exist. However, Ioun doesn't strive to keep her location hidden and anyone who seeks knowledge with diligence will be able to find the right door in time.   The library contains all knowledge of the past and present. Some tomes even contain possible futures but if mortals attempt to read them there is a risk of them either becoming perpetually fearful of the possible future or lose their minds entirely.  

Kord/The Stormlord

Kord has made his home in the plane known as the Beastlands. In the untamed wilds of the forests, mountains, deserts and oceans of this plane there are plenty of chances to show off one's athleticism as well as battle beasts and other creatures and champions. Wherever Kord goes storms always follow and the loud sound of thunder drowns the battle cries of the conflict he has come to observe or even join with an avatar adjusted to the opponent's strength to make it a more fair fight.   When he's not travelling across the Beastlands, Kord lives in a giant arena where competitions of various sports and other feats of strength are held. This is where the souls of his followers go once they die.   Kord shares the plane with Melora and whenever Erathis comes to stay with her, Kord doesn't leave his arena and the rest of the Beastlands is free of storms for however long Erathis' stay lasts.  

Melora/The Wildmother

Melora wanders across the expanse of the Beastlands much like Kord does and only rarely stays in one place for more than a day or two when by herself. Her official abode where the souls of her followers appear after death is a giant tree house made only from natural branches and vines with no added construction located at the centre of the largest forest on the plane. This is where she stays when Erathis comes to visit.   Reaching the Beastlands is not the most difficult part of a journey with this destination in mind. Everything there is large, untamed and follows its nature without hesitation. There are plenty of both predators and prey as well as dangerous plants. However, it is also a place of great beauty and if you manage to avoid conflict there are plenty of locations of tranquillity.   Anyone who travels to the Beastlands will feel more in touch with their primal instincts and have a better grasp of skills related to survival while they're on the plane.  

Moradin/The Allhammer

Moradin resides in an underground fortress carved out of the largest mountain on the Elemental Plane of Earth. The fortress contains workshops and forges for any craft imaginable. It is heavily guarded and hard to find in the maze of tunnels under the mountain but anyone who has a pure heart and love for crafting will be allowed inside to explore the workshops within. Moradin has his own personal workshop and forge where only true followers and their souls are permitted entry to watch him craft.  

Pelor/The Dawnfather

Known as the god of sun and summer, it is not known to many that Pelor's palace and surrounding orchards and bountiful fields are actually located within the sun itself. Contained within the sphere is a plane surrounded by hot fiery light that fades away during the night and travels back to its origin point in darkness before lighting once more in the morning.   The habitable part of the plane is flat and Pelor's palace is located in the middle surrounded by farms. It is incredibly rare that any living creature not born there makes it to Sol, which is the name of this plane. The souls of Pelor's followers tend to the farms alongside with the angels and other denizens of Sol and every day they get to eat great meals of food of incomparable taste. Any mortal from outside of Sol that makes it into the plane and takes a bite of any of the food there have a high chance of never wanting to leave.  

Raven Queen/The Matron of Ravens

Servants of the Raven Queen move throughout the Ethereal Plane to collect the souls of the recently dead and guide them to their new homes. The Raven Queen lives on a plane filled with the strings of fate and nothing else, keeping close watch over every thread and making sure that no one tries to manipulate or prolong their lives by unnatural means. The living can only visit this plane through dreams and visions.   There is no official name for it and no one is sure of its location in the planescape. Some say that it is a demiplane or an unfathomably large room located somewhere in the Ethereal Plane.  

Sarenrae/The Everlight

The goddess of light and redemption lives on a plane inside of a sphere surrounded by warm fiery light much like the home of Pelor. However, Sarenrae's home is farther away from Arbressian and can be seen as the brightest and largest star in the night sky. The star is appropriately named Everlight and is associated with prayer to Sarenrae, although it is not common knowledge that her plane is located within. Everlight is used for orientation during the night, a guiding light once the sun has set.   Sarenrae resides in an estate surrounded by beautiful gardens tended to by angels and the souls of her followers. There is always light and laughter and anyone who enters the plane will feel the soothing compassion and forgiveness of Sarenrae. Anyone with an evil alignment entering the plane has a chance to have their alignment change after every short or long rest spent there.  

Sehanine/The Moonweaver

Just like Corellon, Sehanine resides in the Feywild which is visible on the night sky as the moon. She lives on the side of the moon that is not visible from Arbressian. Being the goddess of the moon, some would say that this is ironic but she is also a goddess of trickery and secret trysts. Unlike the parts of the Feywild that face Arbressian, Sehanine's side has more muted colours in blue and silver tones and the light is always dim to create plenty of shadows for anyone to hide within.   Sehanine lives in a palace made of white and grey marble and right in front of it is a large circular lake that glows faintly, like another moon placed on the actual moon. Many pegasi and unicorns roam in the gardens and any lovers in the Feywild tend to gravitate towards it.   Portals to this side of the Feywild are rarer than to Corellon's side, but a portal is known to occasionally open in the lake outside of the temple to Sehanine in Inhonoris.  

Asmodeus/The Lord of Hell

Obviously Asmodeus resides in Hell. A sprawling literal hellscape with several layers of twisted lands and cities where rank means everything. Corrupting souls is a business that is both taken very seriously and enjoyed to rise in the ranks in the eyes of Asmodeus.   Entry to Hell as a living being is practically welcomed and devils visit the Prime Material more than any other outer planar beings, always searching for more souls to corrupt.   Asmodeus lives in an impossibly tall tower, visible while outside from any point in Hell - even the separate layers.  

Bane/The Strife Emperor & Gruumsh/The Ruiner

Bane resides on the plane named Acheron that is an eternal battlefield with two fortresses on opposite ends. One of the fortresses contains a portal leading to Hell and that is the one in which Bane lives. His soldiers and the souls of his followers wage a never ending battle on the enormous field that stretches between the two fortresses.   They battle against the followers of Gruumsh who lives in the other fortress. This is not because Bane and Gruumsh don't get along, but rather because they do. Both being gods of war but with entirely different strategies (Gruumsh's strategy being just kill until no one is left standing), they enjoy watching the endless battle.   Gruumsh's fortress isn't much of a fortress at all, being crudely made out of logs and uneven rocks, contains a portal to the Abyss. This means that at times, devils from Hell and demons from the Abyss will swarm out of the portals in large numbers and fight a war of their own on the already raging battlefield.  

Lolth/The Spider Queen

Lolth has made her lair of webs deep beneath the earth in the Shadowfell, so deep that it touches upon the border between the Shadowfell and the Prime Material plane. The Shadowfell is located below Arbressian like a dark mirror image and as such one can physically touch the border between the planes if one goes deep enough into the earth.   It still takes power to go between the planes but portals open fairly often and some remain open at all times in the underdark. Lolth will bring especially devoted followers that have made her proud into her lair and gift them with great and terrible powers in life.  

Tharizdun/The Chained Oblivion

Gone mad after the Parting War and seeking to completely obliterate everything created, Tharizdun was chained and imprisoned by the other gods on a demiplane of unknown location. Its dreams still have power over the Abyss and its infinite layers, creating new chaotic places within but destroying them just as easily.   It is not possible to reach this demiplane by any means although the few followers Tharizdun has aim to find it and break it free.  

Tiamat/The Scaled Tyrant

For awhile after The Parting War, Tiamat resided in Hell just as Asmodeus. However, she was not content to share domain with another god who had more power, followers and riches in Hell. Deciding rather than attempt a takeover and get the followers of Asmodeus over to her side when they apparently did not know true greatness when they saw it, Tiamat moved along with the chromatic dragons that served her.   She made her new lair in Limbo where the ever changing mercurial environment lent itself well to her purposes. Although a bit too chaotic for her tastes, she could form a lair exactly according to her will. Now a gargantuan floating mountain exists in Limbo with a complex and extraordinarily beautiful lair within. The chromatic dragons formed smaller mountain lairs of their own, circling Tiamat's mountain.   Perhaps one day when her following is greater she will return to Hell but for now she is content enough to stay where she is.  

Torog/The Crawling King

After The Parting War, Torog was cursed to have his wounds never heal and as he loves imprisoning others the rest of the gods saw fit to imprison him. He is the only god who resides on the Prime Material plane deep under the earth in the Underdark. His prison borders Lolth's domain on the other side of the border between the Prime Material and the Shadowfell.   Torog avoids speaking to any of the other gods and his only amusement comes from the pain and imprisonment that his followers inflict upon others. The Underdark is an unpleasant place in general but one would do well not to stumble into the tunnels that are part of Torog's prison.  

Zehir/The Cloaked Serpent

Zehir has made a home for himself in the Abyss which suits his love for darkness and chaos. He never stays all that long in one place, wandering through the infinite layers and remaining near impossible to find unless he wants you to find him. Not much is known about him if you are not one of his loyal followers as he prefers to keep as secret as possible even while influencing the world and bringing new chaos. This is why assassins are particularly drawn to worshipping Zehir, hoping that he will grant them more talent for stealth.

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