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Euhukoan Houses

Though there is a great deal of diversity in Euhukoa Empire, much of the architecture is now largely the same. Built to last in extreme weather, these houses are beautiful nonetheless.

Purpose / Function

They are family homes, found in villages, towns, and sometimes in the middle of or on the outskirts of cities where they haven't been replaced by larger apartment buildings.Sometimes one house is inhabited by several generations of the same family.


Euhukoan houses are built out of sturdy stone brick and sometimes, if possible, reinforced with metal beams on both the inside and outside. If metal is not available or too expensive, heavy wooden beams are used instead. In both cases the beams are often engraved with decorative patterns and painted in shades of blue. The brick is most often painted white but this may vary depending on the region or the owners' tastes.   The roofs are either flat or have a domed shape, made out of wood or stone, covered by a thick layer of clay and painted the same colour as the rest of the house or painted with colourful murals.   Most houses have one or two floors and in rarer cases a food cellar. If the house has two floors, the bottom floor is often open plan with metal or wood beams placed in strategic places to hold up the second floor. The second floor is divided into bedrooms. Houses with one floor most often have a combined kitchen and living area at the front and bedrooms in the back.   Each house have a belonging outhouse and, if they have the space and can afford it, an adjoined bathroom with a tub.


These types of houses did exist before the time of the empire but they were much rarer and more specific to certain areas with the resources more readily available. Much of the population across the archipelago was nomadic before the empire and lived in simpler structures not particularly made to last for long in one place.   Once the nations and clans were united and trading and transporting resources became easier, many of the nomadic people chose to build new settlements where they could live permanently. They were taught how to build these houses from people already living in such settlements and as such they are very similar but with some small alterations to utility and decor depending on the culture.


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