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Cuisine of Euhukoan Dwarves

It is easy for the dwarves living on the floating islands of Euhukoa Empire to feel disconnected from the land. Even if they live inside of mountains they are all too aware that beneath them is a relatively small layer of rock and then nothing but air for thousands of feet ending in water. This is why they have developed a particular way of cooking which makes them feel more connected to solid earth. Burying food before eating it seems very peculiar to some other people, but the dwarves get a sense of comfort and belonging when they do so.


To prepare vegetables when they are not eaten fresh, they place them in solid containers containing water and a lot of salt. They seal the containers and make it airtight using wax before putting them in a hole they have dug in the ground. After the containers are placed they are buried under layers of dirt. Depending on how they want the vegetables to taste or last, they leave the containers buried for a couple of days or up to entire weeks.   When cooking meat they have a fire pit setup. In a hole in the ground they have placed rocks - if the hole was not already made in a rock surface - and then they add fire wood and set it aflame. Once the fire has burned out a little bit, they set a grate or a spit above it with carefully wrapped meat. The cloth they use to wrap the meat has been carefully treated so that it does not catch fire. Once the meat is placed above the embers, the pit is covered by a sheet of metal or stone and some dirt. The meat is then left in the pit for a few hours to cook.


They pickle vegetables when the harvest is ready during spring or summer depending on the type of plant. Meat is cooked in the fire pits practically every day.


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