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Home of the Mother Tree

The Tricentrum is one of the most important places in Arbadian magical culture. At the center of the continent, and likewise the tribes, it brings together in one place what makes each one magically unique, making it an overall symbol of unity for groups both magical and nonmagical. Most prominently is the Mother Tree, the source of all magic for the entirety of Arbadis.


The Tricentrum rests on a small cliffside where the geographies of all the four corners meet. In the center lays a peaceful pond; out of its center rises the majestic Mother Tree, rising taller than any skyscraper built by man, its boughs casting a blanket of shadow over the still waters. The east side of the cliff descends abruptly into a large basin valley, into which flows a large waterfall that casts mist over the entire bowl. The north side sweeps into an even taller mountain range, while the south side is covered in a blanket of forest, whose trees are dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of the Mother Tree.

Mother Tree

  The Mother Tree is the birthplace of all magic in Arbadis. It connects to the Sacred Oases and gives them their power. The pond it grows out of flows into a river, which connects to the western watercliffs, and its extensive roots grow all the way into the southern fields; The crystals that hang from its boughs are wrought from the same crystal in the mountains and catch the same starlight as the northern reflecting pool. Considered one of the holiest of all the sacred spots, the Mother Tree is revered not only by the magic users but also by nonmagical Arbadans.     For more information on Sacred Oases, visit this article.  

The Guardians of the Mother Tree

  As would be expected for such an important magical monument, a group of mages banded together under the solemn pledge to protect the Tree from harm that might come to it. For three millennia, the Guardians have nurtured the tree and defended it from invaders, terrorists, and the like. While their proximity to such strong magical power has endowed them with longevity, the last centuries have slowly been killing off their already small number. They are now almost entirely extinct with only one remaining member, by the name of Myrin.  

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