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The Etherian Tribe

Shrouded in mountain mist, hidden away among both high peaks of stone and tall towers of books, is the Etherian tribe. They stand with pride in their advancement and prosperity, and before the war were major benefactors for the other tribes' necessities. Gathering knowledge to better both themselves and others, Etherians have earned a name of respect among the other tribes. Their land is rich with beauty and elegance, and the people are rich with intelligence and wisdom. Their magic element, the heavens, and their magic focus, the mind, guide every part of their society, making them into a people full of understanding and hungry for more.  

Land Description



The Etherians reside withing the northern mountains. The mountains sweep directly into rocky coastlines, berated by the icy sea. The climate is, as expected, quite cold, and snow or sleet is common. However, when the clouds clear, the view of the stars and northern lights is exquisite, leaving open for viewing their so beloved heavens. Dotting the landscape are moonflowers, the infamous flower of the tribe. Blooming only in the moonlight, they are beautiful to see when their silver petals spread under the moonlight, almost reflecting the stars' shining glow.  


Buildings are often made of various stones, a common resource in the mountains, and large windows are almost expected. As Etherian architecture is more advanced than any other tribe, it is much more common to see multiple stories, and more expensive buildings tend to have glass roofs for stargazing at the top floor. The mountains are rich with crystals, and those building extravagant architecture can pay a pretty penny to have them inlaid in the stone, which can be seen on buildings of importance or aristocracy.  

The Capital City

The Etherian capital city of Vestholt is renowned as one of the most sophisticated cities in all of Arbadis. Its elegant buildings, built with the finest of Etherian architecture, tower several stories over the bustling streets below. The Equinox Observatory, owned by the Northern College of Sciences, is one of the most respected scientific buildings in the entire tribe and has extreme authority on questions of the cosmos. Near the northern outskirts of the capital lies the Sacred Reflecting Pool, protected by the finest wall of stone and crystal, with spiraling towers lining its perimeter. Guards will let in only a few at a time, as to keep to the serenity and quiet meditation of the scene.  


  A large part of Etherian culture is being studious and well-read; their society is full of thinkers and inventors. Many have large libraries in their homes of books, often covered in earmarks and annotations. The greatest scientists, physicians, mathematicians, and the like have come out of the Etherian tribe. Because of their emphasis on learning and the search for knowledge, they have the highest percentage of magic users and are the most technologically advanced of all the tribes. With the largest cities and the tallest buildings, it is easier for citizens to stay disconnected from each other. Life in Etherian cities tends to be more fast-paced, and people more often than not like to keep to themselves.  

Philosophy and Meditation

"Magic is something that must be worked towards and sought after." Hands outstretched, Etherians spend their lives reaching towards magical understanding. One book at a time, they gather as much knowledge as they can, knowing all the while that they will never be able to know it all, but that can't stop them from trying. At the center of their philosophy and very way of life is their magic focus, the mind. At their Sacred Oasis, the Reflecting Pool, they meditate through thought. They may sit in contemplation, or theorize, or simply dwell in the land of their thoughts, the serene silence and the reflective glow of the starlight sending a peaceful clarity into the minds of whoever meditate there.   For more information on Sacred Oases, visit this article.

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