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The Blistered Wastes

After the devastating eruption of Mounth Scarsoll in the region known as Yter, the land was brought to utter destruction, lava pouring across hundreds of miles and ruining a handful of settlements and wiping out small populations of creatures and plants. Luckily, very few people died in the creation of these Wastes; there had been a prophetic warning nearly a month before the eruption. However, no one would ever be able to return to make homes here, and travel for trade across the continent had to be adjusted to avoid the scarred land altogether.


A large swath of blackened land across the fire continent of Niniad. Stretches from one coast to another and is covered in very active volcanoes that continue to layer lava on the old black rock to form new rock. Usually the sky is black with smoke as well, and its nigh impossible to navigate this area if one was foolish enough to try.

Fauna & Flora

Flora cannot survive in the Wastes as there is no water or nutrient-rich soil, and rarely any sun. Hardly any creatures live here either, though there are a handful that are equipped to traverse and cross the land. Burnt Walkers, Novi, and Dridaris are able to survive without food and water for multiple days, so these can be seen occasionally. However, only fire elementals can manage permanent residence in these lands because of their constructed nature and lack of actual life.

Natural Resources

Hyphium is the only thing of use in the Blistering Wastes, and even then it is a mineral that is sparse enough that it isn't worth scouring for. Only formed in intensely high temperatures, the mineral is desirable for jewelry, but in the Wastes it is too difficult to collect. It is much more convenient to collect hyphium from other volcanic areas.
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