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Basic Information


Large, buffalo-like creatures in size and shape with shaggy grey and brown fur with an under-layer of wool. Protruding from the face are two vicious horns made of a unique metal. Though large in stature, their legs are perfectly suited for climbing steep areas like mountains.

Biological Traits

They can ram and stab with their powerful horns. They make deep grunts and bellows. Stampeding in numbers is very dangerous Horns are sharp and powerful Powerful climbing legs Maximum speed: 30 mph Best defense: Horns can gore potential threats, but their numbers are usually large aggressiveness: Highly, but not territorial. As long as you don't poke, prod, or scare them, going near them is fine symbolism associated with them: Protection and defense, as they are hard creatures to kill

Genetics and Reproduction

Chrohorn start their mating season at the end of winter.

Ecology and Habitats

With goat/sheep-like grazing, they almost always are found in lush, mountainous areas, particularly the Floating Mountains of Veror. They used to be found in other mountainous areas until a near extinction of the species, and conservationists brought them to Veror to better protect them. They roam in multiple herds, but separated from one another by each mountain.   If domesticated, however, they are only found in the Underplains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As herbivores, they only ever need to feed on plants, particularly grasses and tough shrub leaves. Low-growing fruit, like on bushes or very short trees, are also good sources for water.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Herding patterns: They all stay together for food in groups of 25-50


Originally, when the Chronhorn were brought to Veror to protect them, a handful were kept by farmers in the Underplains, being the first people to ever domesticate them. Though seemingly less protected if not in the mountains, the farmers kept watch over them as they would any other creature they tended to.   The initial domestication began with younger Chrohorn that had been without parents due to poaching. The farmers would raise them to carry plows and carts to help on the farms, and guided them to places in the Plains for grazing that were just as good as their usual mountain lands. They are then bred on the farms so the Chrohorn in Veror can remain untouched.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Fur and wool for textiles Metallic horns forged for weapons
45 years
Conservation Status
No longer under protected status.   However, poaching nearly killed off the entire species in western mountains, so a handful of conservationists from the Floating Mountains of Veror sedated the last living herd and brought them to Veror to avoid any further poaching. The species was thriving after a decade of protection, and the Chrohorn were no longer in danger of extinction.

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