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Aedan Tirius

Aedan Tirius

Aedan Tirius is a 53-year-old stonesmith and father, currently residing in Pebble Town with his wife, Lena.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Several bones in both of his legs were broken in an accident years ago, and they were not allowed to heal properly. They healed in the wrong positions, and as a result, he cannot be on his feet for more than half an hour. He also suffers from a chronic cough, likely induced by the particles of stone he almost constantly inhales. Even for his condition, he is surprisingly strong, which is vital for his career as a stonesmith.

Body Features

His skin used to be somewhat pale, but his long (albeit occasional) hours spent in the sun working have tanned him. His hair, formerly a dark, luscious red, is beginning to fade, giving way to a dull silver color.

Physical quirks

He tends to limp slightly due to constant pain in his left leg. Additionally, he is known to almost always be hunched over at least a little, due to the days he spent outside, hunched over small or precise works of stone.

Special abilities

He believes that he is nonmagical, as he has never seen himself perform magic in his life. However, he possesses an ambient sort of Shining Magic, one that does not require conscious control. People around him will find themselves calmed, and their pain will seem to dull. However, the effect is subtle enough that nobody has realized that it's magic, so Aedan has continued to go on with his life, believing that he simply never possessed any magic.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears fairly simple clothing, consisting of hemp and leather. His clothes, while sturdy, also look nice, as they are dyed a marvelous dark blue.

Specialized Equipment

Stone-cutting Tools
Measuring Tools

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aedan, born in Pebble Town to two miners, was always very outgoing and charismatic, easily getting the other children to get him things in exchange for other things, usually small stones or other simple items desirable to children. He also had a knack for getting the merchants that would travel through Pebble Town on occasion to sell their wares for next to nothing.

  By the time Aedan was old enough to leave home, he felt it was clear what he would do. He bought a small covered cart and a horse with the money he'd saved, then set out into the world. Later, he learned alchemy and stonesmithing, and made his living selling potions and carefully-carved stone structures to the masses. During his travels, he met his wife-to-be, Lena Tirius, in a small town, experimenting with combinations of potions. He saved her from an alchemical explosion that would've severely injured her, and they fell for each other almost immediately.

  When his son, Archazon Tirius, was born, he stopped traveling for several years, choosing to stay at home with his wife and help raise their child. Arc grew up able to play with many of the interesting things Aedan found on his travels, and this sparked Arc's interest in magical tinkering, as well as alchemy. Shortly after Arc's 10th birthday, Aedan decided to take him on one of his merchant trips.

  Unfortunately, the trip did not go well. As they were passing through one of many cities, an amateur alchemist dropped a crate of several volatile potions near their cart, creating a devastating explosion. Their horse was almost immediately killed, Arc's arm was damaged to the point of requiring amputation, and Aedan's legs were both broken in several places. The alchemist apologized profusely and attempted to make it up by buying them a new horse and tending to their injuries as best he could, but that was not very well. Aedan and his son still feel the effects of said injuries to this day.


Family Ties

Father of Archazon Tirius
Husband of Lena Tirius

Religious Views

While he acknowledges the existence and power of the gods, he does not engage in extensive worship.

Social Aptitude

Due to the years he spent traveling as a merchant, he is very charismatic, and he has little trouble getting people to do what he wants them to. He is also very outgoing and friendly, enduring his pain so that any guests or friends can have a good time.

Wealth & Financial state

While not intensely rich, Aedan has plenty of money to afford to live a comfortable life in his hometown. He has well more than enough to afford food and clothing for his family, as well as occasional presents and materials for his work.

Year of Birth
1525 (53 years old)
Pebble Town
Current Residence
Pebble Town
Biological sex
Dark Green
Short, gray-red
5' 11"
Known languages
Simple Common

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