Ottokath's Journal #23

General Summary

It's odd. I remember passing through the portal with the fey and I distinctly remember passing into the feywild. I remember there being a discussion and a failure to reach an agreement. I remember Feyret being involved. Yet the next thing I truly remember after stepping through, is finding myself back on the ship. Does the feywild play tricks on the mind? Regardless I have a lot to think about. Not least of which is to reevaluate how I arrived where I am now. So many things, looking back just seem strange.   Art has my sword now. It isn't right. And the promise it is attached to is so long ago made and for ill thought out reasons. I took it back that night, while she slept. Easy to do for an elf. I made sure to maintain it properly too.   Mavis has been giving me a worried look. I decided to share some tea, as usual, but their mood didn't seem to improve. I don't mind it too much.   I had a fight with Art. It was about the sword, of course, but they went to far, trying to shove me out of the crow's nest. I in turn formed myself into a giant ape. Self defense after all. Taking exception, they shunted me into an odd demi-realm I had to swim back to the ship when I returned.   The captain rebelled in a way. He decided, after all that happened, that he should be captain, or no one should. As such he locked himself in with the gunpowder. As he trusted me, I opted to enter and parley, a ruse for which he fell. I willed the spirits of the undine to fill the barrels with water. There would be no explosion today. Having literally defused the situation, I opened to door and let the others do as they wish, but not before pocketing some powder. Never know when such implements could be useful.   The sea is quiet today. It is not that the spirits have stopped acting like have seen on occasion before. It is more like they are reluctant to converse with. Did my trip to the feywild leave a scent on my I have yet to shake? It matters little. We will arrive to port soon and then we will be free of this forsaken sea.
Report Date
11 Jun 2021


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