Ottokath's Journal #22

General Summary

Pirates are vulgar people. They seek to take from others what they themselves earned. Coincidently, most pirates are human. Granted, they treated us more than fairly, albeit I have no idea why. But they spared the ship they raided no second thought. They deserved to get attack by that storm.   I learned something about Tanz on this journey. He sees himself as a saviour, but fails to see what that would mean. Three men fell into the water during battle and I pulled them from the water. Tanz murdered two and turned them. Tanz may be as broken as most other humans. Mavis is as optimistic as always. Here we are raiding potentially underserving humans and she gets shot for it. She then has the audacity to hope I heal the wound that ails her. Granted, I would have not let her die, that'd break my duty, but she deserved the pain. That Hogar fellow is as much of a loose cannon as a sandstorm. Inhibitions are not a concept he is very familiar with.   I was prepared today. I could ask the sylphs and undine to aid creatures to find breath where there is none. No other would drown under my vigil. And when the storm rolled in I made a point of heading below deck to free the former captain of the ship I now found myself.   As it turns out, Hamood's god is more than an just ornament. If he were to be believed, this ship was now unsinkable. Between that and the capacity for us to breath aided by the spirits of air and water, I worried very little. Those that deserved a fate, found it facing the grim jaws of a kraken. When the noises stopped, we made sure to sleep, to be sure of our safety.   In a lapse of judgement, I made a deal with Mavis. It was to an extend to make them feel better, but I do regret the action. The promise was to have my memories flow to them, should I die before I fulfil my promise to Art. I doubt, however, that I will ever fulfil that promise, as I am not sure a request will ever be made. As such, I made another promise with Art. A promise to, in return for a new favour, call the old one fulfilled. Not one to miss an opportunity they made a strange request. One I found hard to comply with, but I had to. She demanded my sword, the glimmer in her eye telling me she at least knew some of my background with it. I gave it to her, but I cannot say my opinion of her improved.     That night was heralded by something odd. A portal, wall to wall had opened on this deck of the ship. A familiar fey beckoned me through. I complied.
Report Date
10 Jun 2021


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