Hogar's Journal #1

General Summary

It's been about a week now since we set out from port. Would you believe it, we actually pick up shipwreckies way out here. I told the capt'n it was a bad idea to sail this far north. The shipwreckies just prove it. There's the pointy ear that just hides up in the nest all day. I like him very little. There's the brick of a human that has a devout sparkle in his eye. I reckon we could be friends, but only if he gets that stick out of his ass. There's the palish halfelf that likes not talking about themselves. I could like 'er. There's the pixie of a pointy ear that has more whimsy in her than sense. I am honestly somewhat scared of 'er. Then there's the gullible twig of a kid that'd believe it if I told them the sun were hung of a string. Now him I like.   Capt'n said we were to redevous with the fleet 'n stuff. Decided to keep them stragglers on board and even feed them. I can respect that. But why risk taking them on a potential raid? Especially this one. If I were capt'n things'd be different. But he be it, so I be me and do what he says.   Turns out our shipwreckies don't get how doors work. After waiting for a good five minutes for them to figure it out, I decided better of it and step through to up deck. Landlocked simpletons...   The capt'n got orders when we returned to the fleet. Was said we were to go "scout". They're just scared our capt'n has the best there crew and skill. Send him off to do the menial and he can never rise. I'd do better. Hell, my fool of a vanished brother would do better. And he's been missing for more than ten years now.   We came upon a military craft. Tried to run, but our lads are good. Aye, they nailed that sucker midship, crashing down their sail. It was easy then to land the planks. I lept up across, feeling the wind rush me forward. My skin is stone and my soul is granite. I live for battle. It did not take long before the ship was ours. The shipwreckies proved surprisingly useful. Not only did they help us, not the elf though, they even seemed to enjoy it. I may have misjudged them. One of them got nailed by the enemy captain. Tried to climb the mast and collapsed at the feet of the elf. Shows what they know.   The captain decided to abandon ship and liberate theirs. A fine decision. If not for our excellent marksmanship, this one would have been gone to the wind long before we got to them.   It was about two days before we were set upon by the storm. The kraken storm. The claimer of sailors. We were too far north and it was too late to save ourselves. Time was what we could buy. And so we prepared for the fight of our lives.   I was above deck when the first tentacle whipped over the side and tossed me cleanly into the hold. There I was shocked to find the shipwreckies enjoying themselves over food. Fighting was pointless anyway. I joined them.   That is how I became captain of the Rockbreaker.
Report Date
10 Jun 2021


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