The Plains of Glass

Like a moment of time, locked away forever.  
  The Plains of Glass are a glittering expanse that reach far into the dark beyond sight, too deep for even a hint of the stone of the cavern below. It is made out of some thick, crystalline matter, swirling with colors and partially translucent, hard and dense. It rises and falls in frozen waves, descending into deep swirling maelstorms that span meters across, then rise again to an jagged, plain of a hundred cutting shards. Slick to touch and uneven, with every hard edge of the plains cutting like a knife, it is difficult to traverse without injury. When touched by light, it shines with a hundred captured colors.  
It is said to be bad luck to bleed on the glass, because once fed it will always hunger for more. For this reason, those who have spilled their blood on the Plains never return, least it remembers them.
by Midjourney
Though the Plains are relatively calm close to the shores, it soon becomes a wild land. Waves of glass rise as high as ten meters into the air, sometimes nearly touching the cavern ceiling, and plunges again. Where it isn't smooth and difficult to hold, the Plains are cut and jagged, wounded by falling rocks or roaming creatures. Some parts of the Plains have been split open into jagged fissures, with walls of countless cutting blades.   A faint, shimmering dust of glass coats everything in the Plains, occasionally lifted into swirling storms by unseen winds. Any visitor the Plains soon find themselves covered in it, clinging to their clothes and getting into their hair. Though beautiful, new visitors are warned that even the dust can be deadly - a gust of glass dust into the eyes can render someone blind, eyes cut apart, while those who inhale it find themselves torn and sliced from the inside.   So far, no one has made it across the Plains of Glass to see what lies beyond it. The wilds of the Plain only grow more extreme and caverns that house it continue on seemingly without end, leaving some to believe it is part of the Far Deep.
Others believe its edge has just not been found yet, with no one ever getting far into the Plains before being forced to turn back by its endless laceration. Compelled either by discovery, glory, or greed, it is never long before someone makes another attempt.
Patala, the Descent   A cavernous realm of canyon-like halls and abyssal descents into unknown darkness, Patala stands at the edge of the known world. Only recently have humans once more set foot which in its domain, eagerly welcomed by hungry predators.   The Plains of Glass lies deep within Patala, marking a boundry which no one has yet crossed and returned to tell what lies beyond.   Read More About Patala
Everyone who have tested the Plains of Glass come back with the same sensation - beneath the glass, something moved.
A few enterprising souls have set up camp by the shores of the Plain and have made a business out of harvesting the glass to sell elsewhere. While not quite glass nor crystal, it can be made into beautiful jewelry or sharp, dangerous weapons.

Cover image: by Unsplash (Jonatan Pie)


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27 Jul, 2022 12:05

Am I crazy for wanting to go there? I'm attracted to shiny thing!

27 Jul, 2022 12:31

Shiny things will always attract us, that's why adventurers keep going there :D

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28 Jul, 2022 19:04

Fascinating place :D I really like the idea of endless dunes of glass and killing dust XD With deadly crevasses and monsters just to make it more fun XD   What about the shadows people see below that you mention in another articles? Or are they the same monsters that you mention here being seen on the surface of the plain?   Do people climb the glass like they would do mountains and glaciers in our world? Does the glass not mind being damaged if it is thought to be sentient and hunger for more blood?

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Thank you! :D   And to be honest... This is probably one of the articles I will return to after Summer Camp to answer all those questions! It got a little rushed due to the time crunch, and those are all really interesting questions!   And I definitely need to talk about those monsters swimming beneath the glass... >:D

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