The Nest, Tavern

The Nest is a small, dingy tavern on the edge of Vicitra, consisting of a few shacks that have been merged together and the walls knocked down. It is clustered around a collapsed stalagmite, several meters tall before ending in a jagged point with a small cage attached for patrons who try to run out on their payments. The desiccated husk of a Shrike is nailed to bar, with the very brave and the very foolish sometimes paying to mix some of its remains into their drink to prove themselves.   At any given time, there's always a handful of regulars in the Nest, enjoying either the drinks or the stories, as the Nest has become a favored hang out spot for Kaia going to or returning from the depths of Patala. As such, the Nest trades as much in information and gossip as it does in food, fungi-brewed booze, and hallucinogenic treat.   All of this happens under the watchful eyes of Nahla, a cheerful and heavy-set woman with a grip said to crush stone without too much issue. Though she speaks little of her past before coming to Patala and is far from wealthy, Nahla will never suffered to her guests to remain hungry or thirsty. More than a few down on their luck citizen of Vicitra owe their lives to her kindness, and the tavern is never short on defenders in any of the interminable struggles for power in the city.
Vicitra   The Nest lies nestled on the far edge of Vicitra, the one and only city in the dangerous borderlands of Patala. As the city has grown, so has the demand for entertainment, something the Nest has capitalized on to carve a small, profitable niche for themselves.   Vicitra, the City On The Perch

Cover image: by Richard Dorran


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Sage Dylonishere123
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4 Jul, 2022 15:20

I love the idea of the tavern. The name is clever and while short it's well written as always. In other news, this is one of the most beautiful themes I've ever seen. Well done. I enabled desktop view on my phone just to see it all. Glad to see your writing and coming back in style no less.

4 Jul, 2022 16:32

Thank you very much Dylon! :D

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And aparently I forgot to like it. Oof. My bad. It has been rectified! You're very welcome.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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4 Jul, 2022 17:28

... drinking a shrike corpse, what a wonderful idea... XD

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4 Jul, 2022 18:36

If it bleeds, we can consume it! >:D

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Starfarer Theta
29 Oct, 2022 04:11

Last one that tried adding the corpse to their drink went mad. The next person collapsed immediately after just one swig. Fascinating. Also concerning. Should I muster enough courage to try the drink? Well... there's a slim chance it could unlock some insight that has always eluded me. I wish thee well dear reader, should this be my last entry.   It was not to be my last entry. Waking up now there's a part wishing it was. - Nemo, Traveler of Worlds
  I'm trying something out to be more involved in the articles I read across World Anvil, and I thought this article was a good one. :)

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Hahaha, that's awesome! Thank you :D

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