Poll Time: Results!

Hello everyone!
  The Khālī Region won by a few votes, so that's what I will focus on for a while as the next region of Araea to flesh out.   I've already gotten started and written an article about Maleun - the capital city-state of the region, once grand but now a drowned and deadly ruin.  
Maleun, the Dead City
Geographic Location | Sep 5, 2019

Once grand, Maleun is now a sunken ruin shrouded and drowning in death.

    Here are some of the other articles I have planned for Khali. More might come to join it as I explore the region and things organically grow - and if there are anythings that people become particularly keen on. :)   House Revyera - Exiled nobles from the dead city-state, intent on restoring the caves and reclaim their birthright, driven by fading glories.   The Sunlight Well - An open wound in the cavernous ceiling, from where Blight bleeds into the region and makes a bad situation worse.   The Suru - Scholars, engineers and mystics who have made it their purpose to restore dead caves back to life: but Maleun looks like it'll be a challenge.   Schlorps - Name pending; spirits of absolute pollution, formed from the decay of Maleun and making their homes in its rotting corpse.   Rawa - "Only two kinds of people come to Rawa: fools and those who profit from them": a camp of scavengers, scoundrels and thieves, all looking to take what remain of Maleun's wealth for themselves... Or failing that, from each other.   That'll be a good start: we will see what else comes up! Probably a couple more monsters!


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2 Aug, 2019 17:31

Ooof, hard choice! I really wanted to vote for the Abyss, but I enjoy frozen ice-scapes too much to not vote for Hēla :P No matter what deep dive you end up doing, I'd love to see more articles regarding the people that live in the region, and HOW they live there -- what cultural quirks they have because of the region they live in!

2 Aug, 2019 20:43

I have a strong bias towards deserts and mesas. Nothing else had a chance for my vote but Kagari. Regardless of what wins, I'll look forward to new articles!

10 Aug, 2019 16:59

The Sprawl sounds really interesting to me.

13 Aug, 2019 19:30

Hkata fo sho