Path to Araea 1.0: Stuff Left To Do!

These are the things left to write for Araea to be considered "completed", at least in the basic sense. The world should be fully fleshed out, all the places defined and enough bits & bobs to give the reader an idea of the world.
  Finished the The Sunlight Well, The Suru Revivalists
  Updated Shikei.


Some summaries:


Current Articles Done (Including ones listed as done here)

  Regions: 15
  Settlements: 11
  Flora/Fauna: 23
  Misc: A whole bunch

Left to Do:

  Regions: 7
  Settlements: 16
  Flora/Fauna: 25
  Misc: 3

Additional Surface Regions

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Item Description To-Do
Aschar Region Mountainous region 1st Pass Done
Kagarai Surface region. 1st Pass Done


Additional Outer Shell Regions

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Item Description To-Do
Atharkam Region Ancient volcanic tunnels - obsidian tunnels, crystal caverns, smouldering remnants. 1st Pass Done
Ucurum, the Wound Across the World Giant Ravine Region! 1st Pass Done
Phrōjhana Region Arctic-adjecent caves. Ice, snow, glaciers, frost bite. 1st Pass Done
Senjō Region Maze of tunnels around a shaft,skirmish zone - uncommon caves large enough for life to take root. 1st Pass Done


Additional Inner Shell Regions

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Item Description To-Do
The Abyss Vast, underground ocean of black water and cthonic terrors. 1st Pass Done
Vataam Centered around three sections of large semi-continous tunnels, flanked and criss-crossed by regions of tunnels. River, webs, spiders. Write
Sheoin Region The caves around Dhanu - cold, due to reverse geothermal vents from the Far Deep. Hard, cold, monster filled. 1st Pass Done
Name TBD: 'The Hinterlands' Last explored region of Inner Shell, only settled lightly. Very new. Where Ti'tua hang out. Ruins of other, fallen, older civs. Write
Name TBD: The Big One A singular cavern of titanic size. Write


Additional Far Deep Regions

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Item Description To-Do
The Dunes Quartz and crystal-sand desert, haunted by distant light. Possibly sentient! Redesign/rewrite.
The Hallway A spatial anomoly, the area between geographic regions in the Far Deep. Time/space warpage. Write
Hkata A volcanic, molten region full of lava, smoke and metal. 1st Pass Done
Name TBD: High concept: the inside of a great god-beast. See. Cells At Work, Etc. Write.
Name TBD: An exemplary Far Deep region; exaggerated, larger, stranger. Lake, large caverns, fissures, enormous chasm, massive webs. Write


Surface Settlements

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Item Description To-Do
Waypoint A collection of explorers and expeditions, built around a partially collapsed mesa. One of the more successful settlements on the Surface Write
Name TBD: Ashville Established in Aschar primarily to harvest the volcanic ash/soil for export. Unpleasant, unhealthy place. Write
Name TBD: Ramshackle and makeshift, set in Kagarai. Thrill-seeker, monster hunters and star-cultists. Write
Name TBD: The Burrows A few of the burrowed-in nest-towns along the Road in the Howling Plains, like the Windchaser Log or the Welcome Mat Write


Surface "Flora/Fauna"

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Item Description To-Do
Name TBD: Electr-skewers Surface fliers with fixed wings, flying through ionization of the air. Write
Pahü Worm Fuzzy centipede-worm thing that lives in ice and eats algae and radition 1st Pass Done
Ārmara A species of rhino/wilderbeest like surface animals with a vaguely bio-mechanical hide and prehensile tongues with barbs on them 1st Pass Done
Watchers Floating, blight-eating blobs of mystery. 1st Pass Done
Zaveru, the Blizzard-Spawn Spirits of snow, ice and hunger. 1st Pass Done
Vile Mold Hive Sentient-ish colonies of acidic mold-things 1st Pass Done
Name TBD: Hopper Three long, blade-like legs, giving it an odd hopping gait. Spherical shell-like body. Grows eyes on the shell, replacing them as it pleases. Feeds like a Starfish. Brainstorm/Redesign
Unnamed Flora/Fauna Idea: Gargantuan Glider cryptozoology inspired? Brainstorm/Redesign


Outer Shell Settlements

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Item Description To-Do
Tah'loh A town whose main exports is blocks of ice from the nearby glaciers - Very close to its parent-city of Mhajari, culturally. 1st Pass Done
Thânh Inside Ucurum's ravine Write
Name TBD: Shaft-City In Senjo Region, spirals around shaft, bottom is pretty much giant pile of trash and poo you can drown in. Constant shortages, lots of skirmishes. Write
Name TBD: Merchant Way-city In the sprawl, a minor power. Silk Road-y. Strictly neutral, entirely guarded by mercs. On a cross roads, physically and spiritually. Mystic architecture. Write


Outer Shell "Flora/Fauna"

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Item Description To-Do
Blood Bugs Flying isopod-things with a taste for blood. 1st Pass Done
Dungeon Frog Predatory amphibian with fake skull and crushing smash. Write
Name TBD: Cthulhu-Head Terrestrial octopod-ian thing, maws on tentacles. Very smart, very predatory. Big, bulbous head-y thing, circled by tentacles with barbs. Write
Name TBD: Hunting Ticks 4-legged, hopping, tick-like things. Hunts in packs, tearing things off. Symbiotic relation with slow, shelled reptile. Write
Name TBD: Murdersquito Native mainly to Ucurum. Smaller ones elsewhere. Pistol-shrimp like spring that launches a saw-bladed front-mounted blade/piston. Slurps organs. Write
Name TBD: Bluff-Shroom A predator that masques itself as a big mushroom, attacking with a whole bunch of poisonous/dissolving tentacles. Also uses those to feed. Once discovered, very mobile. Write


Inner Shell Settlements

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Item Description To-Do
Dhanû Underground samurai/viking, in cold/lake-y place. Martial, feudal culture, prone to morbid displays of conquest.
1st Pass Done
River City Located in Vataam, a mix of reasonable things, secret cults, smoke and military dictatorships. Brainstorm and design
7 Islands Set in the Abyss, a singular-ish settlement spread across 7 islands of various sizes. Hints of Innsmouth, crossed with pirates and Dhanu. Brainstorm and design
Settled Wilds Largest and most successful settlement in the Hinterlands. Needs a lot of work. Undercity, Shell-temple, Overcity. Brainstorm and design
NestVille Located in Vataam, built out of a former hive of vast proportions - entire rooms or buildings fitting inside honeycomb hexes. Famous spider-ranchers. Brainstorm and design
Corridorvania Located in the titan cave; entire settlement is pretty much along a single long, snaking tunnel/cavern. Brainstorm and design
The Ruins Once thriving city-state, now a crumbling ruin. Built along block-like structures, with degenerate cannibals dressed in noble finery. Brainstorm and design
The Mine Former mining outpost that has grown in size and influence. Uses the crisscross of strip-mined tunnels to make homes, shops, buildings. Brainstorm and design


Inner Shell "Flora/Fauna"

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Item Description To-Do
Ashikumo Bear-sized centipede-spiders Brainstorm and design
Asakara Dragon Leech-infested reptile-monster with symbiotic parasite-leeches Brainstorm and design
Collectors Primordial spawn with limbs that are too long, with too many joints. Collects corpses, will steal bones and skulls left behind. Occasionally molts. Brainstorm and design
Cowcodile Large, six-legged reptiles: a combination between newt, gecko, komodo, dinosaur and crocodile. Aggressive predators, sort of domesticated in places. Brainstorm and design
Mish-mash Not a single creature, but a hive of symbiotic critters coming together in a rough approximation of a body. Constantly sort of shifting. Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
[OPTIONAL] Raksasō Very large serpentine creature with incredibly flexibility? Brainstorm and design
[OPTIONAL] Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design


Far Deep Settlements or "Settlements"

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Item Description To-Do
Bones Desperate, greedy, tough. A harvest camp located in the Harorao region, home to particularly stubborn and greedy people seeking to exploit the wealth of shrooms in the region. 1st Pass Done
Unnamed Settlement TBD Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Settlement TBD Brainstorm and design


Far Deep "Flora/Fauna"

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Item Description To-Do
Living Darkness Pseudo-spirit, hive-minded darkness-thing Brainstorm and design
Primordials God-monsters, blurring the line between spirit and living creature - terrible, powerful, alien and strange. Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna Idea: An enormous centipede-like creature with maw tentacles and an angler style light, as well as chameleon-like capabilities? Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design
[OPTIONAL] Unnamed Flora/Fauna TBD Brainstorm and design



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Item Description To-Do
Light & Darkness How light & darkness functions in the world, as well as different sources (and kinds) of each. Yes, some of them will kill you. Revise, expand, design
Travel Travelling in the underworld, hazards and obstacles, formation of caverns, limits of perception and supplies Brainstorm and design (obstacles, hazards, cave formations)
War in Araea How war works (poorly, mostly): size, scale, supplies, logistics, strategy and tactics Revise, expand, write


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