Muradov the Merciless

Money and power is all that matters, because without them you are nothing but a victim waiting to happen.  
— Muradov the Merciless
  One of the four Merchant-Princes fighting fo control over Vicitra, the City On The Perch, Muradov is wealthy and cruel in equal measure. Born dirt-poor and determined to never suffer like he did then again, Muradov have built a fortune through clever schemes and trading combined with a near absolute disregard for the well-being of others.  
He is a short, hard man with eyes like flint and always with a closed, guarded posture. No matter his outfit, Muradov always takes great care that his old childhood wounds, made from a taskmaster's whip, are always concealed. He has a mop of mud-colored hair, but usually wears a hat, and sports long, painted nails as a status symbol.   Above all, Muradov craves control. Only when he has absolute control of something - a situation, a deal, or a person - does he feel safe. When he does not, Muradov becomes angry and vengeful, nursing his grudges like a mother would a newborn child. He takes delight in exacting punishment on those he believes has wronged him, lashing out to ensure he is never the victim again.
  But Muradov is also a cunning schemer, able and willing to weather great risk if it means great reward. Some suspect his bouts of public rage might even be a ruse he puts on so that other think they can play him for a fool. Those who know him better disagree, knowing full well that Muradov's ire runs as deep as the Abyss. No matter the truth, Muradov runs a successful enterprise, guarded by the infamous Iron Spiders mercenaries. Few in Vicitra dare to cross the Merciless one or his Spiders, and his influence is sometimes held in check only by a combined effort of his three rivals.   Only power and wealth matter to Muradov. HIs workers and mercenaries are expendable pawns to use until done, then find new ones. Only when everything is cowed beneath him might Muradov rest.
Vicitra, the City on the Perch   The first and only thrust of civilization into the unknown reaches of Patala, Vicitra is a city of great greed and ambition. Here, explorers arrive and hope to make their way deeper into Patala to stake their own claim on its riches.   Pushed to the brink of extinction during the Plague of Dreams, Vicitra is now a flayed city, its wounds raw and the blood still fresh in the street. Time will tell if it will heal, or crumble.   Read More About Vicitra
by Midjourney
Unexpectedly, Muradov emerged as a major supporter of Aldara the Dream-Eater and the Fearless Five, throwing his lot in with them during the Plague of Dreams and after. Though Muradov hasn't really met with either of them since the Plague, he has continued to fund their efforts against the Shrike since. It has become an endless source of gossip, though one that the wise never utter where Muradov can hear them.   The truth is much less complicated than most theories dreamt up about his involvement with the Five or Aldara. It is a simple business consideration: Shrikes could well kill everyone in Patala, and "everyone" would involve him. Secondly, Muradov likes the Kaia, both the Five and Aldara, and no one is probably more suprised about it than him.

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