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A long time ago, humanity did what they did best - persecuting and purging the other. In one of their purges, they chased the Fae away from Earth, seeking them out, burning and murdering whichever one they could. In desperation, the Fae opened a portal and fled to a new plane. This plane was Aradeyl.   For centuries, the Fae lived in peace, dividing up into different tribes, groups, settling in towns and cities. Key to this peace was the Cornerstone, a radiant, glowing crystalline monolith, whose magical energies supplied the plane with energy, keeping it alive, ensuring the Fae flourished. The Fae believed if any harm should befall the Cornerstone, the plane would be destabilised and gone for good. The Cornerstone was guarded by the ancient Order of the Primevals, to monitor and protect it.   For a while, all was well and good, and save for a few skirmishes here and there, safety was all but guaranteed. Then one day, someone - or something - slipped past the Order's defences, and broke the Cornerstone apart...   Original Cover Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash

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